Map to Vanya's Castle

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map to Vanya's Castle
map to Vanya's Castle

This map describes the location (in the 8-Bit Realm) and layout (horrifying!) of Vanya's Castle, the sinister home of Vanya's Creature (which people often mistakenly refer to as just "Vanya".)

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: map to Vanya's Castles)
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Item number: 4596
Description ID: 291539872
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Obtained From

antique 8-Bit Power magazine

When Used

You unroll the map and take a look:
Vanya's Castle FoyerVanya's Castle ChapelThe Creature's LairVanyascastle.gif


You can't get to the 8-Bit Realm right now.


  • Perhaps a better name for this place would be Castle Vanya.
  • People mistakenly referring to Vanya's Creature as just "Vanya" refers to Frankenstein's monster, which people often simply refer to as just "Frankenstein".