Meat Tree

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Meat Tree

Meat Trees were removed from the game on October 17, 2006 in favor of new Clan Rumpus Room optional furniture. All existing Meat Trees were replaced by Potted Meat Bushes.

Prior to that time, a Meat Tree was something a clan could buy to decorate their common living space with. If a clan decided to buy one, it would cost them a total of 50,000 meat.

As you might suspect, meat trees did more than simply sit there, look pretty, and encourage characters to trip over them: they provided each member of the clan with a daily supply of meat.

If a clan had a meat tree, every member of that clan not in hardcore or ronin gained 1% of the total meat in the clan stash at rollover, to a maximum of 500 meat (when there is 50,000 meat or more in the clan stash). This meat is completely free, as it is not actually removed from the clan stash.

Note: this (historic) Meat Tree should not be confused with the new Potted Meat Trees which are part of the aforementioned new Clan Rumpus Room optional furniture.