Meatspout staff

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meatspout staff
meatspout staff

Eureka! This is a staff with a powerful Meat vacuum attached to the end of it. You'd think it'd be easy to write a couple of sentences where you made a bunch of jokes using the names of vacuum cleaner manufacturers, but you'd be dead wrong.

Type: weapon (2-handed staff)
Damage: 13 - 25
Muscle Required: 45
Selling Price: 130 Meat.

Mysticality +7
+3 Adventure(s) per day when equipped.
+15% Meat from Monsters

(In-game plural: meatspout staves)
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Item number: 1735
Description ID: 546755347
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Club.gif dense meat stack chrome ore  
Club.gif chrome meat stack bigger stick  
Club.gif chrome staff meat vortex
Equals.gif meatspout staff


  • This item must be equipped at rollover in order to earn the extra adventures.


  • The name of this item is a reference to a waterspout, a meteorological phenomenon similar to a tornado, but occuring over water and without a supercell thunderstorm.
  • Eureka, aside from being a traditional interjection denoting comprehension or inspiration, is a brand of vacuum cleaner, as evidenced by the description.
  • The description of this item may refer to the description of Gazpacho's Glacial Grimoire, which itself refers to several refrigerator brand names.

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