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Membership Roster

The Membership Roster in the Clan Hall is just that - a roster of the clan's current membership.

It is organised in descending rank order, which can be slightly confusing, since many clans do not have ranks created in order - for instance, the normal rank is created first, then the leader may create a special rank for himself.

Each player on the list has their rank and title displayed by their name. If you possess the power to do so, you can change the ranks and titles of clan members from this page.

As of November 28, 2005, the list is paginated in the same way as K-mail; there are options to skip to a certain page and to change the number of members listed on one page - from 10 to 100.

At the bottom of the roster is a checkbox and a button so that you can, if you want to, leave the clan. However, if you are the leader, you don't get this option.

At the top of the roster is a link to a page where you can view the detailed member stats, which can be ordered by name, Muscle, Mysticality, Moxie, total power (sum of all three stats) or clan karma. The detailed list defaults to being sorted by name.

Authorized clan members can add people to their Clan Whitelist. This allows people to enter the clan without needing to apply.