Memory of an AG base pair

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memory of an AG base pair
memory of an AG base pair

You remember AG. He used to wear such funny hats. He'd put that J on, and start going on and on about rules of military conduct, or he'd wear that stupid B, and constantly let cats out of himself. Then he'd put on a D, and insult people, but then he'd put on a G so they wouldn't be able to reply to him.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 15 Meat.
Cannot be traded

Causes a memory of evolution

(In-game plural: memories of AG base pairs)
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Item number: 4014
Description ID: 458392723
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Wad.gif memory of an A memory of a G
Equals.gif memory of an AG base pair

When Used

Mem ag.gif
You remember inserting the base pair into your body, and you remember... changing.
Mem spd.gifYou acquire an effect: Memory of Speed
(duration: 1 Adventure)


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Craftable Base Pairs
Base Pair Effect
Mem ca.gif
memory of a CA base pair
Mem str.gif
Memory of Strength
+100% Muscle
Mem cg.gif
memory of a CG base pair
Mem mag.gif
Memory of Smarts
+100% Mysticality
Mem ct.gif
memory of a CT base pair
Mem mox.gif
Memory of Attractiveness
+100% Moxie
Mem gt.gif
memory of a GT base pair
Mem res.gif
Memory of Resilience
+200 Damage Absorption
Mem ag.gif
memory of an AG base pair
Mem spd.gif
Memory of Speed
+200% Combat Initiative
Mem at.gif
memory of an AT base pair
Mem agg.gif
Memory of Aggressiveness
+30 Monster Level
These effects are gained from a combat item, and last one adventure each.