Memory of an AT base pair

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memory of an AT base pair
memory of an AT base pair

You remember an AT. If you remembered two of them, you'd be able to storm the Rebel base on Hoth.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 15 Meat.
Cannot be traded

Causes a memory of evolution

(In-game plural: memories of AT base pairs)
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Item number: 4015
Description ID: 849598694
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Wad.gif memory of an A memory of a T
Equals.gif memory of an AT base pair

When Used

Mem at.gif
You remember inserting the base pair into your body, and you remember... changing.
Mem agg.gifYou acquire an effect: Memory of Aggressiveness
(duration: 1 Adventure)



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Craftable Base Pairs
Base Pair Effect
Mem ca.gif
memory of a CA base pair
Mem str.gif
Memory of Strength
+100% Muscle
Mem cg.gif
memory of a CG base pair
Mem mag.gif
Memory of Smarts
+100% Mysticality
Mem ct.gif
memory of a CT base pair
Mem mox.gif
Memory of Attractiveness
+100% Moxie
Mem gt.gif
memory of a GT base pair
Mem res.gif
Memory of Resilience
+200 Damage Absorption
Mem ag.gif
memory of an AG base pair
Mem spd.gif
Memory of Speed
+200% Combat Initiative
Mem at.gif
memory of an AT base pair
Mem agg.gif
Memory of Aggressiveness
+30 Monster Level
These effects are gained from a combat item, and last one adventure each.