Meteor Showered

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Meteor Showered

Meteor Showered

You and your familiar have both been inspired by the majestic glory of a meteor shower. Your inspiration is mostly violence-based, and your familiar's is related to... whatever it is your familiar does.

Weapon Damage +200%
Spell Damage +200%
+20 to Familiar Weight

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Effect number: 2317
Description ID: 97117fd0a12997dd1edeb37fc5bac060
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Obtained From


  • Regardless of how you acquire this effect or how many turns you have, it will be lost at the end of your next combat (free or otherwise).
  • Escaping a combat either via Rollover runaway or by Using the Force is not treated as ending a combat, and thus this effect can be kept (until the end of the next combat/turn-costing action).

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