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There are known miscellaneous recipes.


auxiliary backbone auxiliary backbone
9 x skeleton
Bonestabber Bonestabber
11 x skeleton
crystal skeleton vodka crystal skeleton vodka
5 x skeleton
Lazybones™ recliner Lazybones™ recliner
13 x skeleton
shaking skull shaking skull
100 x skeleton
skeletal scabbard skeletal scabbard
4 x skeleton
skeletal skiff skeletal skiff
7 x skeleton
skeleton quiche skeleton quiche
3 x skeleton
skeleton skis skeleton skis
2 x skeleton


These also require a BRICKO eye brick.
BRICKO airship BRICKO airship
2300 x BRICKO brick
5 x BRICKO brick
BRICKO cathedral BRICKO cathedral
3700 x BRICKO brick
BRICKO elephant BRICKO elephant
23 x BRICKO brick
BRICKO gargantuchicken BRICKO gargantuchicken
6900 x BRICKO brick
BRICKO octopus BRICKO octopus
37 x BRICKO brick
2 x BRICKO brick
BRICKO oyster BRICKO oyster
8 x BRICKO brick
BRICKO python BRICKO python
69 x BRICKO brick
BRICKO turtle BRICKO turtle
11 x BRICKO brick
BRICKO vacuum cleaner BRICKO vacuum cleaner
1100 x BRICKO brick


3 x BRICKO brick
BRICKO pants BRICKO pants
9 x BRICKO brick
BRICKO pyramid BRICKO pyramid
420 x BRICKO brick
BRICKO sword BRICKO sword
6 x BRICKO brick

Balloon Bendings

balloon helmet balloon helmet
2 x long skinny balloon
balloon monkey balloon monkey
7 x long skinny balloon
balloon shield balloon shield
4 x long skinny balloon
balloon sword balloon sword
3 x long skinny balloon

Clingfilm Creations

clingfilm cap clingfilm cap
9 x bit of clingfilm
clingfilm slippers clingfilm slippers
7 x bit of clingfilm
clingfilm tangle clingfilm tangle
3 x bit of clingfilm
clingfilm trousers clingfilm trousers
11 x bit of clingfilm

Cold Comforts

double-ice box double-ice box
7 x shard of double-ice
double-ice britches double-ice britches
9 x shard of double-ice
double-ice cap double-ice cap
5 x shard of double-ice

Cosmic Potions

celestial au jus celestial au jus
50 x Cosmic Calorie
celestial carrot juice celestial carrot juice
30 x Cosmic Calorie
celestial olive oil celestial olive oil
20 x Cosmic Calorie
celestial squid ink celestial squid ink
60 x Cosmic Calorie

Duct Tape Designs

duct tape buckler duct tape buckler
10 x duct tape
duct tape dockers duct tape dockers
12 x duct tape
duct tape fedora duct tape fedora
14 x duct tape
duct tape shirt duct tape shirt
23 x duct tape
duct tape sword duct tape sword
17 x duct tape
duct tape wallet duct tape wallet
4 x duct tape

Eldritch Essentials

eldritch concentrate eldritch concentrate
111 x eldritch effluvium
eldritch extract eldritch extract
37 x eldritch effluvium
eldritch rub eldritch rub
111 x eldritch ichor
eldritch tincture eldritch tincture
666 x eldritch ichor

Heavy Metallurgy

SMOOCH bracers SMOOCH bracers
5 x superheated metal
SMOOCH breastplate SMOOCH breastplate
13 x superheated metal
SMOOCH codpiece SMOOCH codpiece
11 x superheated metal
SMOOCH kneepads SMOOCH kneepads
7 x superheated metal
SMOOCH spaulders SMOOCH spaulders
9 x superheated metal

Honey Stuff

honey mead honey mead
4 x handful of honey
honey dipper honey dipper
69 x handful of honey
honeybritches honeybritches
42 x handful of honey
honeycap honeycap
37 x handful of honey
honeypot honeypot
3 x handful of honey
wild honey pie wild honey pie
5 x handful of honey

Hot Daubery

ballpark hot daub ballpark hot daub
1 x hot daub
foot-long hot daub foot-long hot daub
17 x hot daub
hot daub bun hot daub bun
15 x hot daub
hot daub stand hot daub stand
19 x hot daub

Mummy Wrapping Manufacturings

gauze hammock gauze hammock
10 x mummy wrapping
gauze shorts gauze shorts
6 x mummy wrapping
mummy mask mummy mask
4 x mummy wrapping
really thick bandage really thick bandage
2 x mummy wrapping

Oil Rigging

jar of oil jar of oil
12 x bubblin' crude
oil cap oil cap
8 x bubblin' crude
oil lamp oil lamp
9 x bubblin' crude
oil pan oil pan
11 x bubblin' crude
oil slacks oil slacks
10 x bubblin' crude
oily boid oily boid
3 x bubblin' crude

Palm-Frond Preparations

extra-large palm-frond toupee extra-large palm-frond toupee
6 x palm frond
palm-frond capris palm-frond capris
5 x palm frond
palm-frond cloak palm-frond cloak
7 x palm frond
palm-frond fan palm-frond fan
2 x palm frond
palm-frond net palm-frond net
3 x palm frond
palm-frond whip palm-frond whip
4 x palm frond

Paperclip Paraphernalia

paperclip cape paperclip cape
20 x paperclip
paperclip pants paperclip pants
25 x paperclip
paperclip sproinger paperclip sproinger
1 x paperclip
paperclip turban paperclip turban
15 x paperclip
paperclip-on tie paperclip-on tie
10 x paperclip


papier-mâché base papier-mâché base
69 x papier-mâché glob
papier-mâché bowl papier-mâché bowl
111 x papier-mâché glob
papier-mâché handle papier-mâché handle
37 x papier-mâché glob
papier-mâché plaque papier-mâché plaque
23 x papier-mâché glob
papier-mâché toothpicks papier-mâché toothpicks
4 x papier-mâché glob
papier-mâchéte papier-mâchéte
5 x papier-mâché glob
papier-mâchaeranthera papier-mâchaeranthera
3 x papier-mâché glob
papier-mâchine gun papier-mâchine gun
6 x papier-mâché glob
papier-mâchuridars papier-mâchuridars
11 x papier-mâché glob
papier-masque papier-masque
7 x papier-mâché glob
papier-mitre papier-mitre
9 x papier-mâché glob
papier-mochi papier-mochi
2 x papier-mâché glob


cane-mail pants cane-mail pants
10 x peppermint sprout
cane-mail shirt cane-mail shirt
15 x peppermint sprout
peppermint crook peppermint crook
3 x peppermint sprout
peppermint patty peppermint patty
2 x peppermint sprout
peppermint rhino baby peppermint rhino baby
11 x peppermint sprout
peppermint twist peppermint twist
1 x peppermint sprout


plaid bandage plaid bandage
2 x plaid swatch
plaid pocket square plaid pocket square
4 x plaid swatch
plaid skirt plaid skirt
6 x plaid swatch

Sandy Creations

large pile of sand large pile of sand
10000 x grain of sand
large pile of sand large pile of sand
100 x small pile of sand
large pile of sand large pile of sand
10 x pile of sand
pile of sand pile of sand
1000 x grain of sand
pile of sand pile of sand
10 x small pile of sand
small pile of sand small pile of sand
100 x grain of sand

Smoked Pottery

pottery club pottery club
8 x smoked potsherd
pottery hat pottery hat
7 x smoked potsherd
pottery shield pottery shield
9 x smoked potsherd
pottery training pants pottery training pants
11 x smoked potsherd
pottery yo-yo pottery yo-yo
5 x smoked potsherd

Snailmail Structures

snailmail breeches snailmail breeches
5 x snailmail bits
snailmail coif snailmail coif
3 x snailmail bits
snailmail hauberk snailmail hauberk
8 x snailmail bits

Snake Skin 'ssemblies

snakeskin cowboy hat snakeskin cowboy hat
11 x snake skin
snakeskin jacket snakeskin jacket
37 x snake skin
snakeskin thighboots snakeskin thighboots
23 x snake skin

Spacetime Bending

These recipes can only be learned after reading a weird space book with at least an alien language skill of 5:
space bar space bar
10 x space junk
space heater space heater
20 x space junk
space invader space invader
5 x space junk
space needle space needle
15 x space junk

Spooky Bark Surprises

bark beret bark beret
7 x spooky bark
bark boxers bark boxers
9 x spooky bark
bark bracelet bark bracelet
5 x spooky bark

Sugar Cubans

sugar bunny sugar bunny
3 x possessed sugar cube
sugar fairy sugar fairy
1 x possessed sugar cube
sweet tooth sweet tooth
11 x possessed sugar cube

Sugar Scale Structures

lemon drop trousers lemon drop trousers
6 x lemony scales
lemon party hat lemon party hat
4 x lemony scales
lemon shirt lemon shirt
5 x lemony scales


tin cup tin cup
1 x fancy tin beer can
tin drum tin drum
16 x fancy tin beer can
tin foil tin foil
11 x fancy tin beer can
tin lizzie tin lizzie
4 x fancy tin beer can
tin roof (rusted) tin roof (rusted)
32 x fancy tin beer can
tin snips tin snips
2 x fancy tin beer can
tin tam tin tam
8 x fancy tin beer can

Turtlemail Treasures

turtlemail breeches turtlemail breeches
5 x turtlemail bits
turtlemail coif turtlemail coif
3 x turtlemail bits
turtlemail hauberk turtlemail hauberk
8 x turtlemail bits

Usable Items

fire fire
2 x stick


smooth velvet bra smooth velvet bra
3 x unsmoothed velvet
smooth velvet hanky smooth velvet hanky
9 x unsmoothed velvet
smooth velvet hat smooth velvet hat
7 x unsmoothed velvet
smooth velvet pants smooth velvet pants
10 x unsmoothed velvet
smooth velvet pocket square smooth velvet pocket square
5 x unsmoothed velvet
smooth velvet shirt smooth velvet shirt
8 x unsmoothed velvet
smooth velvet socks smooth velvet socks
6 x unsmoothed velvet

Wax Wear

wax hat wax hat
7 x crayon shavings
wax pants wax pants
11 x crayon shavings

Wumpus Hair Weavings

wumpus-hair bolo wumpus-hair bolo
2 x wumpus hair
wumpus-hair loincloth wumpus-hair loincloth
23 x wumpus hair
wumpus-hair net wumpus-hair net
5 x wumpus hair
wumpus-hair sweater wumpus-hair sweater
30 x wumpus hair
wumpus-hair whip wumpus-hair whip
11 x wumpus hair
wumpus-hair wig wumpus-hair wig
16 x wumpus hair


  • Minimums required:
    • 154 parts to make all 9 'tonstructions
    • 14155 parts to make all 11 BRICKO Beasts (plus 11 eye bricks)
    • 438 parts to make all 4 BRICKO Bits (but 18 parts go into outfit, which can be broken apart)
    • 16 parts to make all 4 Balloon Bendings
    • 30 parts to make all 4 Clingfilm Creations
    • 21 parts to make all 3 Cold Comforts
    • 160 parts to make all 4 Cosmic Potions
    • 80 parts to make all 6 Duct Tape Designs
    • 160 parts to make all 6 Honey Stuffs
    • 52 parts to make all 4 Hot Daubery
    • 22 parts to make all 4 Mummy Wrapping Manufacturings
    • 53 parts to make all 6 Oil Rigging
    • 27 parts to make all 6 Palm-Frond Preparations
    • 71 parts to make all 5 Paperclip Paraphernalia
    • 287 parts to make all 12 Papier-Mache
    • 42 parts to make all 6 Peppermints pieces
    • 12 parts to make all 3 Plaiddery pieces
    • 40 parts to make all 5 Smoked Pottery pieces
    • 16 parts to make all 3 Snailmail Structures
    • 50 parts to make all 4 Spacetime Bendings
    • 21 parts to make all 3 Spooky Bark Surprises
    • 15 parts to make all 3 Sugar Cubans
    • 15 parts to make all 3 Sugar Scale Structures
    • 74 parts to make all 7 Tin-kerings
    • 16 parts to make all 3 Turtlemail Treasures
    • 48 parts to make all 7 Velvetry
    • 18 parts to make both Wax Wear
    • 87 parts to make all 6 Wumpus Hair Weavings
  • The addition of eldritch recipes was announced in chat on Fenruary 3, 2017:
[16:34] System Message: Ok, fin, all the eldritch recipes have discoveries now. But you're all explaining it to that one dude that's really made. or the 12. maybe not all dudes.
[16:35] System Message: Also. s/fin/fine/ ;)
[16:35] System Message: Also. s/made/mad/
[16:36] System Message: It's only 4:36 on the east coast, I'm not drunk. Just bad at typing words.
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