Moist barrel

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moist barrel
moist barrel

This barrel is really bucking the tradition of keeping liquids inside containers.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: moist barrels)
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Item number: 8574
Description ID: 864957347
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Obtained From

Shrine to the Barrel god
After combat in easy underground zones

When Used

You smash the barrel!

One of the following:

Barrelberyl.gifYou acquire an item: barrel beryl
Cast.gifYou acquire an item: cast
Pill.gifYou acquire an item: concentrated magicalness pill
Cuteshroom.gifYou acquire an item: cute mushroom
Barbell.gifYou acquire an item: enchanted barbell
Heart2.gifYou acquire an item: giant moxie weed
Soda.gifYou acquire an item: Mountain Stream soda
Vibeshroom.gifYou acquire an item: vibrating mushroom


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