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A number of devices exist in the Kingdom that have the power to aggravate monsters across the land. Any Adventurer who has ascended under a moon sign can gain access to such a device, though the specific costs and requirements vary from sign to sign. All monster aggravation devices can raise Monster Level by at least 10 points and enable bosses to drop special items.


Detuned radio

The detuned radio is the monster aggravation device available to those who have access to friendly Degrassi Knoll. It can be purchased from the Degrassi Knoll Bakery and Hardware Store, and can increase ML by 0-10 points.

The radio is available from the first turn of an ascension, but it isn't free; it costs 300 Meat, which can be obtained by autoselling one of the gems from the pork elf goodies sack.

The Super-Secret Canadian Mind-Control Device

Available in Little Canadia, The Super-Secret Canadian Mind-Control Device was the first MAD available.

The MCD has two distinct advantages over other devices. First, it is available from the first turn of an ascension, with no associated cost (in terms of either Meat or Adventures). Second, it has a slightly larger range; it raises ML by a maximum of 11 points. Most mind-control devices have dials that go up to 10, but this one goes to 11. It's one higher.

The Annoy-o-Tron 5000

Found in The Gnomish Gnomad Camp, the Annoy-o-Tron 5000 can increase ML by 0-10 points.

While the Annoy-o-Tron does not cost Meat to use, it cannot be accessed until you've unlocked the Desert Beach.

Heartbreaker's Hotel

Located in Hey Deze, Heartbreaker's Hotel is the aggravation device available to Adventurers under the Bad Moon moon sign. It has an ML range of 0-11 points, although it is much less controllable than other devices.

Heartbreaker's has a distinct disadvantage to every other device. While it is available from turn one and has no Meat cost, setting the device to any level takes an Adventure. Additionally, unlike other devices, not every level is available. Every visit will offer one setting between 1 and 3, another between 4 and 7, and a third between 8 and 11, as well as a constant option to set the device to 0. It provides a ML bonus to Bad Moon players, but at the cost of an Adventure and unpredictability.

Boss Rewards

Defeating a boss monster with any aggravation device set to a certain level will force special reward items to drop - unless you are a Plumber in which case the special items do not drop for any replaced boss. The chart below lists these bosses, their rewards, and the aggravation level required. Any reductions of monster level due to Equipment will not affect the rewards drop; the aggravation device simply has to be set to the correct number.

Boss Setting Special Reward
Baron von Ratsworth 2 Moneyclip.gif Baron von Ratsworth's money clip
Baron von Ratsworth 9 Tophat.gif Baron von Ratsworth's tophat
Boss Bat 4 Batpants.gif Boss Bat britches
Boss Bat 8 Batbling.gif Boss Bat bling
The Knob Goblin King 3 Glassballs.gif Glass Balls of the Goblin King
can be crafted into Staff of the Soupbone
The Knob Goblin King 7 Codpiece2.gif Codpiece of the Goblin King
The Bonerdagon 5 Rib.gif rib of the Bonerdagon
can be crafted into Staff of the Soupbone
The Bonerdagon 10 Vertebra.gif vertebra of the Bonerdagon
can be crafted into Bonerdagon necklace


Defeating the Boss Bat, Baron von Ratsworth, Knob Goblin King, and Bonerdagon with a Monster Aggravation Device set to 11 earns you the Boss Boss Trophy.


  • Prior to January 12, 2013, monster aggravation devices fell into a special category and only worked for some of the things that +ML normally affected.