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Monster Manuel Entries
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Monster Manuel entries are accessed from your Quest Log if you have the Monster Manuel. Each entry gives basic monster stats, as well as informative factoids related to the monster.

If you have not collected any factoids, the Monster Manual tab in your Quest Log will display:

Manuel says, "You haven't given me any of these specimens to study yet, amigo. Get out there and explore, okay?"

If you have collected factoids, the Monster Manual tab in your Quest Log will display:

Monster Manuel
You have casually researched x creature<s>.
You have thoroughly researched y creature<s>.
You have exhaustively researched z creature<s>.
View all creatures.

Click on an underlined portion to filter just creatures in at that level of research. The last line only shows up when you have filtered creatures.

Researching Monsters

The first factoid is always obtained the first time you defeat a normal enemy. Subsequent factoids take an increasing number of wins to obtain. Once-per-ascension monsters and bosses have a flag that causes them to always give a factoid when defeated.

  • Creatures with 1 factoid are casually researched.
  • Creatures with 2 factoids are thoroughly researched.
  • Creatures with 3 factoids are exhaustively researched a given monster.


If you have at least casually researched a monster, the following statistics are collected in the Manuel and are revealed in all subsequent fights against that monster:

Attack, defense and HP accurately display their current values in combat, including changes caused by altered Monster Level and Deleveling. Outside combat, Manuel entries display base stat values, while the stats of Special Monsters appear as either zeroes or question marks.

Manuel Score

In the spirit of the Collector's Score, the Manuel Score is the percentage of total factoids you have collected. For this purpose the figures reported at the top of the Manuel Pages are used.

There are currently a total of 2130 monsters with factoids which can be collected. This gives the maximum number of factoids as 6390. This figure includes monsters counted more than once by the game. It does not count the unobtainable monsters listed below. It also does not count the Drunksgiving monsters, which, although they theoretically could return to the game, will not do so at the earliest until 2052. It does count no longer obtainable factoids, such as the fifth ancient protector spirits and the topiary golem.

This means, for example, that if you have casually researched 44 monsters, thoroughly researched 58 and exhaustively researched 782, you have collected 2506 factoids for a score of 39.65%.

Unobtainable factoids

No factoids

There are some monsters whose entries are confirmed to have no factoids:


Some monsters are unkillable; however, thanks to a Kolumbus auction, their factoids are available on the wiki. These are:

No longer available

Some monsters can no longer be encountered and are not copyable, but players who have encountered them retain factoids of these monsters:

Some monsters no longer appear normally, but can still be encountered in other ways:

Ambigious Monsters

Some monsters share the same in-game name, but are technically different monsters