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A Monster Modifier alters the way a monster looks or behaves. They were introduced with the One Crazy Random Summer path, but can also be encountered outside the path by using items that have the effect of giving +Random Monster Modifiers.

Monsters can have multiple modifiers, for example by being on the One Crazy Random Summer path and having the Curse of Randomness will make every monster have 2 modifiers.


Name prefix Image variation Notes
1337 none Name is spelt in leet speak, e.g. "paper towelgeist" becomes "p4p3r 70w31g3157"
American American flag overlay All hit sound effects changed to jingoistic phrases such as "AMERICA!" "LAND OF THE FREE!" "EAGLE!" "HOME OF THE BRAVE!" "INCOME INEQUALITY!" "SYSTEMIC RACISM!" "MOM!" "APPLE PIE!"
Annoying none Sometimes prevents you from doing anything: "He makes the most annoying noise you've ever heard, stopping you in your tracks."
Sometimes prevents your familiar from acting: "It makes the most annoying noise you've ever heard. %familiarname winces."

Block rate starts very high, but decreases as combat continues.

Artisanal None None
Askew Tilted +10% attack
Australian Upside down All hit sound effects replaced with Australian exclamations such as "JUMBUCK!" "G'DAY!" "TUCKERBAG!" "OY!" "CRIKEY!" "BILLABONG!"
Blurry Blurry none
Bouncing Bounces +50% attack
Broke none Sets base meat drop to 8-12. Can apply even if the monster's normal meat drop is 0, so such a monster will actually drop more meat when broke.
Cartwheeling Image rolls Sometimes avoids attacks and attack-like skills: "It cartwheels out of the way of your attack."
Clingy none After defeating the monster, you will immediately fight it again. Escaping combat by not defeating the monster will prevent you from fighting it a second time. Uncopyable monsters will not receive this modifier.

"No! Don't leave me!"

Cloned Two images (one on top of the other) Attacks twice. Single monsters are treated as group size 2. All stats are doubled.
Cloud-based Image replaced with Somebody else's butt none
Clowning Replaced with image of a clown Drops 2-3 clown-themed items (acid-squirting flower, big red clown nose, bloody clown pants, big bass drum, clown shoes, clown skin, long skinny balloon) with a roughly equal probability of any particular item
Cowardly Yellow Never attacks
Cursed none Curses you when it attacks: "It drags a finger down your cheek and whispers "randomer..."
Dice.gifYou acquire an effect: Curse of Randomness
(duration: 10 Adventures)

This modifier does not occur for monsters with 2 or more modifiers.
Does not inflict Curse of Randomness if you already have the effect.

Dancin' Image skews sideways +50% defense
Disguised Replaced by random outfit image none
Drunk Boozles Drops 2-3 "good" or lower quality drinks with a potency of 3 or less. May rarely drop "awesome" quality drinks (e.g. flask of port) or cocktails with flies in them (gift items).
Electrified Electric arcs Deals damage equal to 20% of your maximum HP, and returns MP equal to the same amount every round it acts: : "A bolt of lightning arcs from your foe to you."
HPYou lose X hit points.
MPYou gain X Mana Points.
Filthy Surrounded by flies Deals 20% of your maximum HP in stench damage every round it acts: "Ugh. It smells awful."
Floating Hovers up and down +50% defense
Foul-mouthed Animated with grawlixes Deals 20% of your maximum HP in sleaze damage every round it acts: "<He> swears like a sailor."
Fragile none Has just 1 HP
Fratty Boozles Drops 2-3 items from the Orcish Frat House (deodorant, frilly skirt, homoerotic frat-paddle, ice-cold fotie, ice-cold Sir Schlitz, Orcish baseball cap, Orcish cargo shorts) with a roughly equal probability of any particular item
Frozen Encased in a block of ice Cold-aligned, cannot attack.
"He is frozen in place, and cannot attack you."
Generous none Increased item drop rate (probably +100%)
Ghostly Faded image Physical damage reduced by 90%
Haunted Flashing bed sheet ghost in the background Deals 20% of your maximum HP in spooky damage every round it acts: "<She> looks at you, and your heart seizes up with fear."
Hilarious Image replaced with image of salad Combat messages replace "salad" for other words. Anatomical Injuries will refer to salad-themed 'organs' like "garlic crouton".
Hopping-mad Hops from side to side Always hits no matter how high your Moxie is, like a Gremlin
Hot None Deals 20% of your maximum HP in hot damage every round it acts: "Waves of unbearable heat radiate from <it>, roasting you where you stand."
Huge Image is twice as big All stats doubled
Ice-cold Image is blue Monster is cold-aligned
Invisible No image None
Jittery Jiggles Always wins initiative
Lazy Sideways Sometimes doesn't attack: "He is too lazy to attack you."
Left-handed Flipped horizontally Attack and defense swapped
Narcissistic none Occasionally skips attack with message "It pulls out a mirror and admires its reflection for a while."
Negaverse Black and white reversed in picture block or outline thicker and gray depending on browser. This modifier does not occur for monsters with 2 or more modifiers.
Obscene Big "CENSORED" label over the image None
Optimal None Combat does not take an adventure. Only occurs while in HC/Ronin while on the One Crazy Random Summer challenge path.
Phase-shifting Transparency fades in and out Blocks skills sometimes: "<He> blinks out of existence before you can use that skill."

Blocks attacks sometimes: "<He> blinks out of existence before your attack can connect." Does not block combat items.

Pixellated Pixellated Drops 3-5 pixels (40% white, 15% red, 15% blue, 15% green, 15% black)
Hit sound effects replaced with BLEEP!, BEEP!, or BOOP!.
Quacking Occasionally quacks All hit sound effects replaced with QUACK!, all monster messages replaced with Quack!
Red-hot Red Monster is hot-aligned
Restless Moves all over the page Sometimes dodges attacks: "<He> quickly moves out of the way of your attack."

Sometimes blocks skills: "<He> moves out of the way before you can use that skill."
Sometimes blocks items: "<He> will have moved by the time you can finish using that item."
If using 2 combat items via Ambidextrous Funkslinging, both combat item block chances are rolled separately.

Shaky Image shakes rapidly Attacks 3 times every round
Short Image is half as tall Attack halved, Defense doubled
Skinny Image is half as wide Attack and Defense are both halved
Shy Briefly pops up from the bottom of the screen None
Sleazy Pink-ish purple-ish Monster is sleaze-aligned
Solid gold Sparkling Sets base meat drop to 800-1200, overrides Broke
Spooky Gray Monster is spooky-aligned
Stingy none Reduced item drop rate (probably -50%)
Stinky Green Monster is stench-aligned
Throbbing Pulsates (small to big) Double HP
Ticking none Counts down to an explosion which will deal 1 million damage. If you somehow manage to survive this, you will still lose. If you return to combat after losing, you will then instantly win. (Stupid complicated game.) Does not count down while stunned.
You hear a faint ticking sound coming from inside of <its> stomach.
The ticking sound seems louder now, and more urgent...
<It> explodes.
HPYou lose 1,000,000 hit points.
Tie-dyed Has color gradient Drops 2-3 hippy items (beach glass bead, carob chunks, clay peace-sign bead, filthy knitted dread sack, filthy corduroys, hemp string, herbs, patchouli incense stick, phat turquoise bead, reodorant, tambourine bells, Uncle Jick's Brownie Mix, wad of tofu) with a roughly equal probability of any particular item.
Tiny A little dot All stats set at 10% of normal before applying bonus Monster Level
Turgid None HP is multiplied by 5
Twirling Image spins Monster randomly misses with the message "He is too dizzy to successfully attack you."
Unlucky None Attack, Defense, and HP set to 13. Overrides all other stat modifying modifiers.
Unstoppable None Immune to stuns and staggers
Untouchable None Damage from all sources is capped at 5.
Wet Underwater overlay Deals 20% of your maximum HP in cold damage every round it acts: "He splashes you with water. It's cold!"
Yuletide Green and red Drops 3-5 Crimbo consumables (candy cane, eggnog, fruitcake, gingerbread bugbear) with a roughly equal probability of any particular item


Source Type Notes
One Crazy Random Summer Path Just being in the path
Curse of Randomness Effect From monsters with the cursed modifier (10 turns), or using Powdered dice (100 turns)
dice ring Accessory
dice belt buckle Accessory
dice-print pajama pants Pants
dice-shaped backpack Back Item
dice-print do-rag Hat
dice sunglasses Accessory
Insani Tea Effect
kill screen Familiar equipment


  • Bosses are only affected by some modifiers. As such, these monsters will never be clingy (because they cannot be copied otherwise), and also cannot be fragile, nor unlucky, among other effects.
    • Additionally, monsters that cannot be copied (but are not bosses) will also never be clingy, but can be unlucky or fragile.
  • Modifiers that cause additional items to drop (clowning, drunk, fratty, pixellated, tie-dyed, yuletide) stack, dropping in the following order: tie-dyed, fratty, clowning, drunk, pixellated, and yuletide.
  • Modifiers that alter hit sound effects (Australian, American, pixellated, quacking) do not overlap: American takes precedence, then pixellated, then quacking, then Australian.
  • A monster that is both shaky and cloned will attack 3 times in total.
  • A monster that is both ticking and cloned or shaky will only count down once per unstunned round, even though it acts twice.

Modifiers that adjust a monster's stats take effect before adjustments for Monster Level.

  • Modifiers that alter the monster's attack, defense, and HP will overlap. A monster that is both turgid and throbbing will have 10x HP, a turgid and short monster will have 2.5x HP.
  • Scaling monsters are unaffected by modifiers that alter monster attack, defense, or HP.
    • Monsters with scaling attack/defense but fixed HP will still have their HP modified by turgid, cloned, etc.
  • Fragile overrides all other modifiers that affect HP, except for unlucky.
  • Unlucky overrides all other modifiers that affect attack, defense and HP, including fragile. (Thus, a fragile unlucky monster will have 13 HP instead of 1 HP).
  • Modifiers that affect the monster's elemental alignment are mutually exclusive. Modifiers that add an elemental damage aura can overlap.
  • Encounters with clingy monsters are not considered underwater, so the sea cowbell will strangely not work on a clingy sea cow's copy.