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Once you ascend, you have to choose a moon sign. There are signs for each of the three stat classes and they all cause individual, minor changes to gameplay. Your choice is not limited to the class you choose to play as (for example, you can be a Seal Clubber while having a Mysticality sign). In total, there are nine signs to choose from (plus a tenth that can be unlocked):

Moon Signs

Sign Zone Unlocked +10% Gains to: Bonus
The Mongoose friendly Degrassi Knoll Muscle +20% Physical Damage
The Wallaby Mysticality +20% Spell Damage
The Vole Moxie +20% Combat Initiative
+20 Maximum HP/MP
The Platypus Little Canadia Muscle Familiar Weight +5 lbs.
The Opossum Mysticality +5 Adventures per day from Food
The Marmot Moxie Slight Resistance to All Elements (+1)
The Wombat The Gnomish Gnomad Camp Muscle +20% Meat from Monsters
The Blender Mysticality +5 Adventures per day from Booze
The Packrat Moxie +10% Items from Monsters
Bad Moon Hey Deze See notes


  • The usefulness of certain sign benefits may vary for characters following certain paths; for example the Blender is less useful if you are a Teetotaler or Oxygenarian.
  • The ability to access a sign-specific area only lasts for the current Ascension. Choosing a sign that unlocks a different area will close off the previously available area.
    • Changing one's Moon Sign within an ascension by using the hewn moon-rune spoon from a Knoll sign to non-Knoll sign, after purchasing the detuned radio, will leave the radio in your inventory, but it will merely be an alternate control mechanism for the new moon sign's mind-control device.
  • Fractional stat gains resulting from the 10% bonus to stat gains are rounded randomly.
  • Apparently, the cause of all the astrological signs being transformations of each other is that all the signs are the same -- the character is just facing different directions when ascending.
  • Bad Moon is only available in Hardcore, unlocked by completing a Hardcore run without using any ten-leaf clovers. In Bad Moon, you cannot access any items or familiars from prior ascensions until the king is freed. Enables adventures exclusive to this sign in various areas.


  • Prior to Jan 1, 2022, the Marmot gave 1 free Ten-Leaf Clover per day.
  • Prior to May 17, 2011, the moon signs all had different effects and only the zone unlocks remained unchanged. In many places on this Wiki, you will still hear about Muscle, Moxie and Mysticality signs. More fitting names would be Knollish, Gnomish and Canadian signs, respectively. Here is a list of the old effects:
Moon Signs
Sign Bonus Sign Bonus Sign Bonus Additional zone
Strboost.gif Mongoose Muscle stats after combat Wallaby Familiar weight boosts Vole Critical hit chance Inside Degrassi Knoll
Wand.gif Platypus Mysticality stats after combat Opossum +5 Adv. from first food/day Marmot Clovers after non-combat. Little Canadia
Discomask.gif Wombat Moxie stats after combat Blender +5 Adv. from first booze/day Packrat Meat and items drops The Gnomish Gnomad Camp


See Also

Moon Signs
Additional zone Strboost.gif Effect Wand.gif Effect Discomask.gif Effect
friendly Degrassi Knoll Mongoose +20% Physical Damage Wallaby +20% Spell Damage Vole +20% Combat Initiative,
+20 Maximum HP/MP
Little Canadia Platypus Familiar Weight +5 lbs. Opossum +5 Adv. from first food/day Marmot Slight Resistance to All Elements (+1)
Gnomish Gnomad Camp Wombat +20% Meat from Monsters Blender +5 Adv. from first booze/day Packrat +10% Items from Monsters
Hey Deze Bad Moon Many crazy adventures