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Mr Skullhead
Mr Skullhead (#13)
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Formerly #688, co-creator of KoL, and second employee of Asymmetric Publications LLC, Mr Skullhead, formerly known as the Mighty Bjorn, used to function as writer and community liaison among the KoL staff and administration.

About Mr Skullhead

Mr Skullhead and Jick have been friends since childhood, and he was the first person Jick hired when Kingdom of Loathing became a thing you could hire people to work on.

Unsurprisingly, he is the owner of a custom item, a chat channel, and a custom avatar. His butt also contributed to all the droppings on April Fool's Day 2011.

He was involved in ascension testing, and legend has it that ascension was his idea in the first place.

Despite the fact that Mr. Skullhead is a DJ on Radio KoL, Jick frequently replaces his presence on the radio show "120 Minutes of (Anything) with Jick and Mr Skullhead" with that of a hobo paid $10 to speak on his behalf.

On January 4th 2014, Mr Skullhead spearheaded a drive to keep players warm with mugs of hot cocoa. He ran a similar booze drive on September 24th 2014 with some tasty birthday tequilla.

On November 10th 2014, Mr Skullhead announced in this forum post that he will be leaving Asymmetric as of November 15th. According to these two Reddit posts, he received a mail from Jick on November 10th which said that he will be laid off on November 15th. In a later Reddit post, he clarified that he harbors no ill will toward Jick about the way he was laid off.

Mr Skullhead returned for a final episode (October 6, 2015) of the 120 minutes podcast recorded with Jick at KoL Con 2015. In the show, Skully discussed his new career and life after KoL.


Players cannot buff Mr Skullhead. Attempting to do so results in this message:

Can't buff Mr. Skullhead. Your buff slides right off the skull, you see.

Personal Life

While he is commonly called "Skully", his real name is Josh Nite.

Mr Skullhead's wife is the in-game mrs skullhead (player #14), although she is more commonly known as jezerfly (#569). mrs skullhead's real name is Jessica Nite.

He became a father in January 2009, and again in April 2015.

In his spare time, he can be found watching terrible horror movies for his other podcast

Known Titles

Father, Son, and Wholly Gross.
<---- Insert Your Mom Here