Mt. McLargeHuge Quest

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John the Trapper
John the Trapper


After reaching level 8, The Council of Loathing will send you to aid John the Trapper of Mt. McLargeHuge in The Big Mountains.



Council Text

On initial visit:

Adventurer! We've received an urgent letter from the Trapper, requesting our assistance. We're, like, really busy right now, so we were hoping you could go out to his place and see what he wants.

He lives at the base of Mt. McLargeHuge, the tallest of the Big Mountains. We'll mark it on your map for you.

On subsequent visits:

You still have unfinished business with the Trapper, Adventurer.

Trapper Text

On initial visit:

"Howdy! You look like a spry young varmint. There's dastardly doin's afoot up on the peak of this here mountain, and it's making it right hard to make a living at the trappin' business.
That's my business, by the way. Trappin', I mean. I'm a Trapper, name o' John.
A couple days back a mighty dumfungled fog blew in, and afore I knew it my ski lift got knocked to pieces.
To fix it, I'm gonna need some dagburned [asbestos/chrome/linoleum] ore and some consarned goat cheese. You can get the cheese from the goats over yonder, and just a bit yonderer lies Itznotyerzitz Mine. The dwarves over there ain't any too friendly, so you best watch yourself."
New Area Unlocked
Biggoat.gifThe Goatlet, on Mt. McLargeHuge.
New Area Unlocked
Miner.gifItznotyerzitz Mine, on Mt. McLargeHuge.

On initial visit as Actually Ed the Undying:

"Howdy! You look like a spry… uh… well, I ain't rightly sure what you look like, with alla them bandages, fella."
"Yeah," you say. "I get that a lot."
"Well, leastways ya know a thing or two about dressin' in layers. That's better than some adventurers we get up thisaways. I'm John, by the way. Trappin's my line o' work."
"A pleasure," you reply, shaking his hand. "Call me Ed. Listen, John, I'm looking for a… fellow adventurer, name of <player name>. Have you seen him around up here?"
"Oh, sure!" he says, nodding emphatically. "That were the fella what helped me out with my ski-lift after it got busted up recently."
"Ski lift?" you ask. "I didn't notice any ski lift on my way here."
"That's right ye didn't, and that's coz the dang thing got knocked right back down again. I sent <player name> up to th' Peak to take carea the monster up thar, but I guess another one musta moved in. Listen, if'n you can spare some time to help me out with that, I kin make it worth yer while."
"Umm… well, I am in kind of a hurry, but you're so charmingly old-timey, how can I refuse?"
"Yee-haw! You won't regret it, fella. Now, first thing I'ma need is some chrome ore and some goat cheese. You can get the cheese from the goats over yonder, and just a bit yonderer lies Itznotyerzitz Mine. The dwarves over there ain't any too friendly, so you best watch yerself."
"Got it."

Before retrieving the ore and cheese:

"Dagnabbit, you varmint, I told you I can't fix the lift until you bring me that cheese and [asbestos/chrome/linoleum] ore. Now git!"

Before retrieving the ore and cheese as Actually Ed the Undying:

"How's it goin', fella?" Trapper John asks. "You got that chrome ore and cheese I'm a-needin'?"
"Still working on it," you say. "I am not at all used to the weather up here. Like, seriously unused to it. The exact opposite of used to it."
"Well, if you kin get my ore and cheese, we kin do somethin' about that. First things first, though."
"All right, let me just stand near your fire and get my joints flexing properly again."

After retrieving the ore and cheese:

The trapper slaps his knee and cackles with glee at your return. He takes the load of cheese and ore and walks bow-leggedly out the door.
From behind the cabin come the sounds of hammers on metal, chains on wood, and teeth on cheese. After a few minutes of this, the Trapper comes back inside.
"Well, the lift's fixed, so that's that. Or, I reckon, that would be that if it weren't for them mists up there. I'd be mighty obliged if you'd head on up there and see what ya make of it.
You ain't dressed for the cold, though, and all the duds I own are on my greasy back. Them durned guttersnipes up on the eXtreme slope dress pretty warm, maybe they can help ya.
Watch out for those snowmen on the other side, though. Them sons a' guns'll send ya up the flume soon as look at ya."
New Area Unlocked
Fratboard.gifThe eXtreme Slope, on Mt. McLargeHuge.
New Area Unlocked
Snowman.gifThe Lair of the Ninja Snowmen, on Mt. McLargeHuge.

After retrieving the ore and cheese as Actually Ed the Undying:

The trapper slaps his knee and cackles with glee as you haul your load of ore and cheese into his shack. "That there's just what th' doctor ordered!" he says, nodding as he inspects the bags. "Good fer my winnebago, he said. Can't remember now if he were talkin' 'bout the cheese or the ore, though. Anyways, you sit yerself down and warm up while I go fix the ski-lift."
You carefully work out the closest you can sit to the fireplace without catching your bandages on fire, while listening to the sounds of metal and/or cheese being hammered and/or eaten, and after a while Trapper John comes back inside.
"I reckon that'll do the trick," he says. "We still got that mist-causin' monster up atop the Peak to deal with, though. We're gonna need to get you some warmer duds afore we kin tackle that."
"By 'we' you mean 'me', right?"
"How long you been an adventurer, fella? 'Course I mean you. Now, I figger the easiest place to get yerself some cold-weather gear'll be from them hooligans over on the eXtreme Slope. That'd be where I'd start lookin' m'self, if I were the one goin' lookin'."

Before acquiring 5 levels of cold resistance:

"You'll freeze faster'n molasses in January if you try to go up there in them fancy city clothes. Go up to that thar eXtreme Slope and get somethin' warmer!"

Before acquiring 5 levels of cold resistance as Actually Ed the Undying:

"Y'ain't goin' nowhere in those thin city duds, fella," John remarks. "Ye'll freeze faster'n a… umm… a naked… well, perty fast at any rate. Head on over to th' eXtreme Slope and nab yerself some proper cold-weather gear. I'd go help you out, if it weren't fer my trick knee."
"You have a trick knee?" you ask.
"Ayep." He hikes up his pant leg, and pushes on the side of his kneecap. A colorful little pinwheel pops out and spins around with a 'fweeeeee' noise.
"That's… a pretty good trick," you say.
"Keeps me entertained on them long winter nights."

After acquiring cold resistance:

"Ya look warm enough -- what're you waitin' for, gol-durnit? Find your way up to that thar peak!"

After acquiring cold resistance as Actually Ed the Undying:

You show your cold-weather gear to Trapper John, and he nods. "Ayep, that'll do th' trick. Now ye'll just haveta find yer way up to th' Peak and take care'a whatever monster's up there stirrin' up a ruckus. It's a tricky climb, but you seem like a smart fella, so I reckon you kin figger it out."
"Uh, thanks," you say.

After reaching the Peak, but before defeating Groar:

"Keep at it! You'll figger out what's spookin' them varmints!"

After reaching the Peak, but before defeating Groar as Actually Ed the Undying:

"No luck fightin' that monster yet, fella?" John asks.
"Still working on it."
"Well, when ya fall offa the mule, you gotta git right back on. That's what my pappy used to say, afore he died."
"How did he die?" you ask.
"Fell offa his mule. It was parked next to th' edge of a cliff."

After defeating Groar:

"Yeehaw! I heard the noise and seen them mists dissapatin' from clear down here! Ya done it! Ya rightly done it!
Let's see that fur -- hoo boy, lookit! That varmint musta been a tough one! Here, lemme see if I can't whip you up something for your ol' noggin.
Thanks to you, I'm back in business! Come on back if ya ever wanna trade some furs!"

After defeating Groar as Actually Ed the Undying:

"Yeehaw!" John exclaims as you drag the huge yeti pelt into his shack. "Don't that jus' beat all? I wouldn'ta thought there were one of them critters up there, much less two, less I'd seed it meself! Lemme see if I can't whip up a little somethin' fer ya, ta keep yer ears warm. …You got ears unnnerneath them bandages?"
"Uh," you say, "…yeah, probably? It's been a while."
"…Okay, well, who am I ta judge a fella what says somethin' kinda weird, right? Here ya go, and thank ya."
Fuzzyearmuffs.gifYou acquire an item: fuzzy earmuffs
Thanks to you, I'm back in business! Come on back if ya ever wanna trade some furs!"

If on the Zombie Slayer path:

As you turn to leave, the trapper says "Thanks for yer help, Adventurer. Now that I'm kitted out proper, I'm gettin' the heck out of here!"
"You're leaving?"
"You betcha I'm leavin'! Didn't ye hear? There's zomberts on the warpath! Ye'll be leavin' too if'n ye know what's good fer ye!"
And with that, he hefts a giant backpack onto his shoulders and heads off into the snow.



  • The new HD version of the quest was introduced on July 24th, 2012. The old version can be found here.
  • The following changes were made to the quest:
    • The Goatlet and Mine open at the same time. You do not even need the mining gear to clear the way to the goatlet.
    • The Trapper no longer gives super-advanced weapons or goat cheese pizza as rewards.
    • Under the old version of the quest, you needed six wedges of goat cheese; now you need 3.
    • You now need to obtain 5 levels of cold resistance (rather than 1) to make it up to the peak. You must also find the staircase (using eXtreme tricks or ninja gear).
    • There is now a boss, with bodyguards, on the peak.
    • You receive a new piece of stat-based headgear for completing the quest.
    • You no longer receive 5,000 meat or 5 yeti furs from the Trapper upon completion, but the boss drops 5 dense meat stacks in lieu of it.
    • Trading in yeti furs is no longer always 1-for-1. Yak skins still cost 1 yeti fur, but hippo skins cost 3, and penguin skins cost 5.
    • The Icy Peak is called the Mist-Shrouded Peak until you defeat Groar.
    • If you had previously completed the level 8 quest when it changed you didn't need to find handholds to adventure in Mist-Shrouded Peak for that ascension.


  • The subtitle "Am I my Trapper's Keeper?" is a combination of two references:
    • A well-known line in the Bible from the story of Cain and Abel: "And the LORD said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother's keeper?" (Genesis 4:9, KJV)
    • The Trapper Keeper, a brand-name notebook binder produced by Mead featuring a foldover velcro closure, popular with school-age students during the 1980s
  • The name "Mt. McLargeHuge" is a reference to the "Space Mutiny" episode of the popular comedy show Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), wherein the wisecracking bots come up with dozens of silly names for the musclebound protagonist, including "Big McLargeHuge".
  • John the Trapper is a reference to Capt. "Trapper" John McIntyre in M*A*S*H, originally a book but popularized by the movie and TV series.
  • The Trapper's speech pattern, expressions, and cartoon curses are much like those of Yosemite Sam.