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Multi Czar (#6)
Mysterious Enforcer

Multi Czar is a member of the Asymmetric staff, the all-seeing eye that scours the Kingdom looking for examples of multi abuse and banning the offenders.

About Multi Czar

Multi Czar is the first and last word on what constitutes multi abuse. His tools have been developed for the entire lifespan of the game. However, he is quite happy to tell you if a set of circumstances counts as abuse, and can be amenable to a genuine reason for accidental abuse. Don't push it though.

On April Fool's Day 2011, his butt was one that appeared all over the place, dropping an item that provided insights into what he does.

His display case has a selection of powerful rings, including nine tiny plastic Crimbo wreaths lined up on as many shelves


Players cannot buff Multi Czar. Attempting to do so results in this message:

The Multi Czar cannot be buffed. The reason why is undoubtedly very amusing.

Personal Life

Legend has it that the Multi Czar isn't one man, but a series of men corrupted by the power of the all-seeing eye. Some say this is nonsense.