My Little Stowaway

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My Little Stowaway
My Little Stowaway

As you're snooping around the cargo areas Belowdecks, you encounter a hobo camped out behind some packing crates.

"What the?" you say, surprised. "What are you doing..."

"Shhhh! Keep it down, buddy!" he says. "Pirates don't care much for stowaways, you know. If they find me they'll probably make me kiss the gunner's daughter, or some other horrible torture with a charming colloquial name."

"Well, technically I am in fact a pirate. Got these fledges and all."

"Come on, help a fella out! Look, you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours, right?"

"Don't touch me. I guess there is something you could do for me, though."


"Teach me some more of those glyphs you guys are always scribbling everywhere," you say, flipping open your binder.

"Oh, hey, look, those are secret. If the Hobrotherhood found out..."


"Shhhh! Shhhh! All right, fine, you win!"

He teaches you a few glyphs you didn't have in your notes -- mainly ones having to do with blackmail and extortion, oddly enough.

Occurs in Belowdecks.



  • The title of this adventure likely references "Runaway" by Del Shannon.
  • Kissing the gunner's daughter means being straddled over a ship's cannon and flogged, generally a lighter punishment for younger sailors.