Nash Crosby's Still

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Nash Crosby's Still

Nash Crosby's Still is located inside the The Department of Shadowy Arts and Crafts. You gain access to it by having the skill Superhuman Cocktailcrafting:

You learn a new skill: Superhuman Cocktailcrafting.
Lefty says "Hey, y'know, now that you've got these incredible cocktailcrafting skills, maybe you could figure out how to use the old still that that Crosby guy left here last year. I think it's in the back room -- lemme drag it out for you."
  • Description of the area:
At the base of Nash Crosby's still there is a jar labeled "Spirit Improver", a small bowl labeled "Mixer Hopper", an empty tray at the bottom, a giant red button, and a black readout with <# of uses remaining> bright green lights on it.

The still allows you to improve the various booze and mixer elements in the game to make enhanced versions. You can use the machine up to 10 times a day.

  • When using the still:
You load up the still and push the button. The machine hums for a moment, and a new item drops into the bottom tray.
  • After the tenth use in one day:
All of the lights on the still are dark. It'll be recharged by tomorrow.
  • When typo-ing in the # of ingredients to improve, or attempting to improve a negative number:
Why not accentuate the positives?
  • When exceeding the # of ingredients to improve (lights left on):
The still can't handle that much action today.
  • When the still is finished, as an Avatar of Sneaky Pete:

The still is all tapped out for the day.

Improve Spirit:

Ingredient Result
Bottle.gif bottle of gin Still sm.gif Bottle.gif bottle of Calcutta Emerald
Bottle.gif bottle of rum Bottle.gif bottle of Lieutenant Freeman
Bottle.gif bottle of tequila Bottle.gif bottle of Jorge Sinsonte
Bottle.gif bottle of vodka Bottle.gif bottle of Definit
Bottle.gif bottle of whiskey Bottle.gif bottle of Domesticated Turkey
Issuebox.gif boxed wine Issuebox.gif boxed champagne
Bottle.gif bottle of sewage schnapps Bottle.gif bottle of Ooze-O
Bottle.gif bottle of sake Bottle.gif bottle of Pete's Sake

Improve mixer:

Still sm.gif Grapefruit.gif
soda water
Equals.gif Tangerine.gif
cocktail onion
tonic water

A complete guide in the creation of drinks with these ingredients is available at Superhuman Cocktailcrafting. Each mixer is also an ingredient in a The Way of Sauce potion.



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