Nauseating reagent

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nauseating reagent
nauseating reagent

This is a substance with mystical properties which allow it to combine with many food items to make a variety of sauces and salves. Eeeeevil sauces and salves.

Actually, I guess an evil salve would be an 'irritant'.

(Fancy Cooking ingredient)
Selling Price: 53 Meat.
Cannot be traded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: nauseating reagents)
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Item number: 3171
Description ID: 597949601
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
A Large Chamber
slithering hollandaise glob



  • Saucerors only get 1 potion, rather than the normal 3 potions, when cooking the Evil Sauceror Potions.
  • Evil potions gave 15 adventures of the original potion effect, and 20 with Impetuous Sauciness.
  • Cannot be used to make sauces.
  • Cannot be distilled with a delectable catalyst
  • A maximum of 15 of this item were obtainable per ascension.