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Affirmations for certain path/class/day combinations.

New-You Club Membership Form
New-You Club Membership Form

Join the New-You Club today and receive an endless supply of life-improving affirmations and growth tips!

Sharpen that saw!

Move that cheese!

Win friends, influence people!

Join Today!

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded
Free pull from Hagnk's

(In-game plural: New-You Club Membership Forms)
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Mr. Store (1 Mr. Accessory)

When Used

Per the instructions on the back of the card, you place your hand over your heart and recite the membership oath: "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!" You feel affirmed already!
  • When used with a correspondence active an additional message is shown:
(Only one correspondent may be active at a time, your New-You Club Membership is now active and this may be changed in the Options Menu.)
  • If you are already a member of the New-You Club:
You are already a member of the New-You Club.


  • May 2017's item of the month from Mr. Store.
Its in-store description: Signs you up for a helpful daily affirmation!
Info page
  • Only 1 Correspondence IOTM may be active at once, you can change which is active in your settings.

Items Received

In addition to when you use the membership form, you will receive a message with one of seven Daily Affirmation items in the Correspondence section of your mailbox at rollover and on ascension.

Affirmations can be used as potions or combat items.

Daily Affirmations
Affirmation Potion Effect Combat Effect
Daily Affirmation: Adapt to Change Eventually
Foldednote.gif Adapt to Change Eventually (100 Adventures)
+4 Stats Per Fight
+50% Combat Initiative
Changes monster into another random monster
Daily Affirmation: Always be Collecting
Foldednote.gif Always be Collecting (100 Adventures)
+50% Item Drops from Monsters
+100% Meat from Monsters
Staggers, and after combat, drops a copy of every item that dropped
Daily Affirmation: Be a Mind Master
Foldednote.gif Be a Mind Master (100 Adventures)
Spell Damage +100%
Regenerate 10-20 MP per Adventure
Banishes a monster for 80 Adventures
Daily Affirmation: Be Superficially interested
Foldednote.gif Become Superficially interested (100 Adventures)
Monsters will be less attracted to you
can be toggled:
Foldednote.gif Become Intensely interested (100 Adventures)
Monsters will be more attracted to you
Increases monster encounter rate for 80 Adventures
(+3 copies to its location, does not remove queue rejection or stack with On the Trail)
Daily Affirmation: Keep Free Hate in your Heart
Foldednote.gif Keep Free Hate in your Heart (100 Adventures)
+30 to Monster Level
Damage Absorption +10
Delevels, and one per day, gives 3 PvP fights
Daily Affirmation: Think Win-Lose
Foldednote.gif Think Win-Lose (100 Adventures)
Muscle +50%
Mysticality +50%
Moxie +50%
Instakills the monster for no Adventure cost
Daily Affirmation: Work For Hours a Week
Foldednote.gif Work For Hours a Week (100 Adventures)
+5 to Familiar Weight
Regenerate 10-20 HP per Adventure
Grants Meat based on Monster stats
(14x the sum of HP, Attack, and Defense; min. 111, max. 11,111)
  • If the King has been freed (Aftercore), the Affirmation will be selected randomly.
  • If the King has not been freed, the Affirmation received is determined by the sum of Path ID, Class ID, and Daycount:
Affirmations by Class, Path, and Daycount
Sum Affirmation Sum Affirmation Sum Affirmation Sum Affirmation
2 Be a Mind Master 19 Always Be Collecting 36 Always be Collecting 53 Keep Free Hate in your Heart
3 Keep Free Hate in your Heart 20 Be Superficially Interested 37 Keep Free Hate in your Heart 54 Always Be Collecting
4 Keep Free Hate in your Heart 21 Be a Mind Master 38 Think Win-Lose 55 Work For Hours a Week
5 Be Superficially Interested 22 Be Superficially Interested 39 Think Win-Lose 56 Be a Mind Master
6 Keep Free Hate in your Heart 23 Be a Mind Master 40 Adapt to Change Eventually 57 Work For Hours a Week
7  ? 24 Keep Free Hate in your Heart 41 Keep Free Hate in your Heart 58 Work For Hours a Week
8 Be Superficially Interested 25 Be Superficially Interested 42 Be Superficially Interested 59 Keep Free Hate in your Heart
9 Adapt to Change Eventually 26 Always be Collecting 43 Work For Hours a Week 60 Keep Free Hate in your Heart
10 Be Superficially Interested 27 Keep Free Hate in your Heart 44 Adapt to Change Eventually 61 Keep Free Hate in your Heart
11 Be a Mind Master 28 Keep Free Hate in your Heart 45 Keep Free Hate in your Heart 62 Adapt to Change Eventually
12  ? 29 Be Superficially interested 46  ? 63 Always Be Collecting
13 Think Win-Lose 30 Be Superficially interested 47  ? 64 Keep Free Hate in your Heart
14 Keep Free Hate in your Heart 31 Be a Mind Master 48  ? 66  ?
15  ? 32 Think Win-Lose 49  ? 67  ?
16  ? 33 Be Superficially interested 50  ? 68  ?
17  ? 34 Adapt to Change Eventually 51  ? 69  ?
18  ? 35 Be Superficially interested 52  ? 70  ?

Saw-Sharpening Quests

Each message containing a Daily Affirmation also has a "Saw-Sharpening" quest that can be completed once per day.

  • The quest is in the form of:
"Cast [skill], once per fight, against [monster] [number] times (look in [location])."
  • Challenge paths that replace your regular skills will not show a message upon prism break. However you can log out and when you log back on you will be given up to three Daily Affirmations and can complete that day's quest.
  • Locations chosen are dependent on zones that are unlocked and available. For example, closeting all of your empty agua de vida bottles will prevent those zones from being chosen.
  • Only monsters that natively appear in zones as regular combats are eligible, meaning no non-combat-exclusive monsters and no wandering monsters. However, even though your New-You quest will never ask for a special monster, it will count those as monsters in the zone, meaning that even though The Icy Peak has 3 regular monsters and 2 special monsters (Knott Slanding and The ghost of Sam McGee), you will only be asked to use the assigned skill 8 times.
  • The number of skill casts required is dependent on the number of monsters in the location:
Number of monsters in the zone Skill casts needed
1 40 (exception: lobsterfrogman, 5)
2 20
3 14
4 10
5 8
6 7
7 6
8+ 5
  • Each time you use the skill described against the monster, you get the in-combat message:
"You're really sharpening the old saw. You've done [number] out of [number]!"
  • You only need to encounter the monster and use the skill, whether or not the monster is defeated is unimportant.
  • In addition, you do not have to fight the monster in the suggested zone. Copies are valid as long as the skill ID and monster ID match the ones asked for in the quest. For monsters with the same name but different monster IDs (such as Orcish Frat Boys), you must find the correct one.
  • Completion of this quest will yield the in-combat message:
"You did it! Your saw is so sharp!"
  • You will gain 1 VIP point immediately upon quest completion, although it is not reflected until the next New-You message is received.
VIP Level VIP Points VIP Bonus
1 1 Affirmation Cookie if yesterday's quest was completed
2 7 Free Affirmation Cookie on the first message of each new ascension
3 14 Newyou.gif
New-You Tattoo
4 21 Grants Incredible Self-Esteem skill on the next message and the first message of each new ascension
5 30 and every 30 points afterwards Randomly generated Custom title



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