New Knob Goblin King

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New Knob Goblin King
Monster ID 1665
Locations Throne Room
Hit Points 50
Attack 53
Defense 47
Initiative 100
Meat None
Phylum goblin
Elements None
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts torso, arm, leg, head
dense meat stack, dense meat stack, Crown of the Goblin King or Glass Balls of the Goblin King or Codpiece of the Goblin King
Quest Cobb's Knob lab key (if not already found)
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
new Knob Goblin King You're fighting The new Knob Goblin King

"Quit whining!" the King growls at a cowering goblin as you enter the Throne Room. "Dad may have put up with it, but I'm not having someone standing behind me with an arm sticking out under my armpit all day long! This juggling tradition is stupid enough, and if I'm keeping it at all, I'm going to learn to do it myself!"

"But your majesty--" the goblin whimpers, then dives to catch an expensive-looking glass ball as the King fumbles it.

"Blast," the King mutters, then turns to look at you. "Hey! You aren't one of my-- who the heck are you?"

"I'm here about the death of your father..." you begin, and the new King's eyes widen.

"Another assassin!" he shouts, grabbing a heavy-looking sceptre. "Well, you're too late, bucko! He's already dead, and you're gonna be next!"

Hit Message(s):

He charges toward you and headbutts you with the pointy bits on his crown.

"Guards!" the king shouts. "Kill the intruder!" The guards bumble around in an ineffectual panic, until the king grabs one of their halberds and clocks you with it by way of demonstration.

He throws a glass ball at you, hitting you square in the <foot>. Fortunately it doesn't break. ...I mean, the ball.

Critical Hit Message:

"Hah!" he shouts gleefully as he pounds you with his sceptre. "We'll be feeding your bones to the harem girls!"

"Er, your majesty... the harem girls eat regular food," a footman whispers.

"What, really? Huh!" (CRITICAL HIT!)

Miss Message(s):

He tries to attack you with his pointy crown, but it just bends. "Stupid flimsy backup crown!" he complains.

He starts to throw a glass ball at you, but his assistant whimpers so much, he just puts it down with a sigh and an eyeroll.

"Guards!" the king shouts. "Kill the intruder!" The guards start an elaborate song and dance number about killing intruders, until the king screams at them to shut up.

Fumble Message:

He rushes to attack you, but gets confused and flustered by a set of weird backward steps that lead up to his throne. "Get me some normal steps!" he shouts at a footman. "Why are these even like this?!" (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Meatstack.gifYou acquire 2 dense meat stacks (100% chance)*
Goblincrow.gifYou acquire an item: Crown of the Goblin King
Glassballs.gifYou acquire an item: Glass Balls of the Goblin King (100% chance)*
Codpiece2.gifYou acquire an item: Codpiece of the Goblin King (100% chance)*
  • If you have not already found it before this fight:
Labkey.gifYou acquire an item: Cobb's Knob lab key (100% chance)*
You gain ?? <substat>.

Occurs at the Throne Room.


  • The introduction text references the fact that David Bowie did not do his own contact juggling when he played the Goblin King in Labyrinth. Michael Moschen, a professional juggler and Labyrinth choreographer, was an 'arm double' for the juggling scenes, with his arms through Bowie's armpits.