No Quarter

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No Quarter
No Quarter

The old Duke must've had quite an appetite -- the servants quarters consist of a few cots in one corner of an enormous kitchen. Like, seriously enormous. There are 30 ovens. I guess that makes sense -- I can't count the number of times I've needed to make 30 pies at once.

Some fool has left all 30 ovens open, and turned all the way up. The heat pouring out of them is incredible. Literally. You don't believe how hot it is, even though you're right here.

Turn off the ovens
At the cost of your eyebrows, you make your way down the line of ovens, closing and turning off each of them in turn.

(No more Hot monsters will appear in the village)

If you are a Mysticality class:

Make a shepherd's pie

Without all the ingredients:

You don't have all the ingredients. The recipe calls for bone flour, a roast of dreadful Dreadsylvanian beast, some stinking agaric mushrooms, and a generous sprinkling of locally-source tarragon. Yum!

With all of the ingredients:

You make a shepherd's pie.
Pie.gifYou acquire an item: Dreadsylvanian shepherd's pie

Look through the cabinets
You look through the cabinets. They're empty, but they're lined with shelf paper that turns out to be the recycled pages of a book of dirty jokes!
You gain ?568-630? Chutzpah.

Take off

You feel uncomfortable with the notion of servitude, so you leave.

Occurs at The Old Duke's Estate in Dreadsylvanian Village.