Ol' Scratch's stovepipe hat

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Ol' Scratch's stovepipe hat
Ol' Scratch's stovepipe hat

Unlike most stovepipe hats, this one is made of an actual stovepipe, still smoking and sizzling with creosote.

Type: hat
Power: 200
Mysticality Required: 200
Outfit: Pyretic Panhandler Paraphernalia
  (3 items)

Cannot be traded or discarded

Mysticality +20%
+30 Damage to Hot Spells

(Bonus for Saucerors only)

(In-game plural: Ol' Scratch's stovepipe hats)
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Item number: 3247
Description ID: 288475507
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Obtained From

Burnbarrel Blvd.
Ol' Scratch

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