One Less Room Than In That Movie

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One Less Room Than In That Movie
One Less Room Than In That Movie

You successfully sneak into the frat house without being seen. Since most frat boys have such keen eyesight that they frequently see double, that's a pretty impressive feat. You walk down a hallway and see three doors, each conveniently labeled with what's behind them. So, do you want what's behind door #1, door #2, door #3, or would you like to trade it all for the mystery box?

Just kidding about the mystery box.

Supply Room

You open the door to the Supply Room, tensing for someone to jump out and shout "Supplies!" Fortunately, that doesn't happen. You look around and see a stack of beer helmets, each loaded with two chilled and unopened cans of beer.

You pop the tops, drain the beer, and replace it with lukewarm herbal tea. Looks like the frat boys are going to develop an interest in macrame and turqouise beads.

You stop and have a nice, long, evil chuckle. You moxious saboteur, you.

You gain 50 Cheek.

Munitions Dump

You sneak into the Munitions Dump, humming "to the dump, to the dump, to the dump-dump-dump" as you loot yourself some of the combat items the frat boys use to decimate the rank hippies in the hippy ranks.

You manage to escape without getting rendered unconscious, paddled, or forced to do a beer bong, which is more than most people can say. Go, you!

Beer.gifYou acquire 2-5 beer bombs

Officer's Lounge
Frat Warrior drill sergeant This monster is an Orc -- (edit metadata)

Occurs at the Orcish Frat House (Verge of War)


  • The title of the adventure refers to the movie Four Rooms.
  • The adventure text about the three doors refers to the game show Let's Make a Deal, hosted by Monty Hall. During the show's endgame, contestants are offered a choice between three doors, named Door 1, Door 2, and Door 3. Contestants in the main game are often offered by host Hall mystery boxes on the stage for whatever goods they had won or were given.
  • The first sentence of the Supply Room option references a scene in the movie UHF, where just such a thing happens. This is actually a reference to a very old (and somewhat racially insensitive) joke.
  • 'To the dump, to the dump, to the dump-dump-dump' is sung to the tune of the opening of the William Tell Overture (that's the Lone Ranger theme for you uncultured Frat Boys out there). The line itself is the answer to a riddle, the question being "Where does the Lone Ranger take his garbage?"
Island4.gif Orcish Frat House (Verge of War) Choice Adventures
Catching Some Zetas   Fratacombs   One Less Room Than In That Movie
Take the bombs and wreak some havoc gain 50 Beefiness Wander this way gain 50 Beefiness Supply Room gain 50 Cheek
Keep the bombs to use later 6-7 sake bombers Wander (that way/the other way) hot chicken wings, frat brats, knob ka-bobs, can of Swiller, melted Jell-o shot Munitions Dump 2-5 beer bombs
Wake up the pledge and throw down fight a War Pledge Screw this, head to the roof start the war Officer's Lounge fight a Frat Warrior drill sergeant