Orc Chasm Quest

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After reaching level 9, The Council of Loathing will send you to help Highland Lord Black Angus, somewhere beyond The Orc Chasm in the Big Mountains.


Building the Bridge

Assemble a bridge from 30 pieces of lumber (morningwood plank, raging hardwood plank, weirdwood plank) and 30 fasteners (long hard screw, messy butt joint, thick caulk) acquired from The Smut Orc Logging Camp.

  • Screwers and Nailers drop fasteners 100% of the time. Pipelayers and Jackers drop wood 100% of the time. Each will drop the opposing type 10% of the time.
  • Every 20 adventures in the zone, a smut orc pervert appears. He drops a smut orc keepsake box, which contains 5 pieces of lumber and 5 fasteners.
  • Two items can increase drops. Equipping a logging hatchet can produce an extra piece of lumber per combat, and equipping a loadstone can produce an extra fastener. You may be able to banish one of the corresponding type of orcs if you have one of these items.
  • Overkilling non-pervert smut orcs with cold damage allows you to encounter Blech House, a non-combat that gives a choice of whether to get parts depending on: your muscle and weapon damage, or your mysticality and spell damage, or your moxie and sleaze resistance.
  • Adventuring while Lucky! will provide 3 pieces of lumber and 3 fasteners via S&M 4-EVER.
  • Additional building materials can be received from Mr. Store derivative items: Snow boards, Lovebug pheromones, Carpenter Dog, a fancy oil painting, a fish hatchet, bridge truss, or Model Train Set.

The Peaks

Light three signal fires in The Highlands. You may approach the three peaks in any order.

A-Boo Peak

Reduce the hauntedness of A-boo Peak to 0%.

  • The hauntedness level starts at 98%.
  • Each killed ghost reduces the hauntedness by 2%.
  • Encountering The Horror... can reduce hauntedness by between 2% to 30% based on how long you can survive this adventure. Increasing your HP, cold resistance and spooky resistance will help you survive. The Horror... only appears when adventuring here after using an A-Boo clue, which drops from ghosts in this zone.
  • Two A-Boo clues can be obtained from this zone's clover adventure.
  • Ideally, use a clover and then get one drop within 5 combats, for a total of 3 clues (having Comprehensive Cartography will also trigger The Horror... (A-Boo Peak)).

Twin Peak

Solve the mystery of Twin Peak by encountering Lost in the Great Overlook Lodge 4 times (using noncombats, or rusty hedge trimmers).

Alternatively, after spending 50 adventures in Twin Peak without successfully solving the mystery, you will encounter Cabin Fever and may burn the hotel to the ground and light the beacon.

Oil Peak

Reduce the pressure of Oil Peak from 310.66 µB/Hg (microbowies per Mercury) to 0 ("negligible") by killing its monsters.

  • Boosting monster level (including ML from Monster Aggravation Devices) will cause you to encounter different monsters (similar to the Slime Tube) and reduce the pressure more quickly.
    • Defeating an oil slick (0-19 +ML) reduces pressure by 6.34 µB/Hg;
      defeating an oil tycoon (20-49 +ML) reduces pressure by 19.02 µB/Hg (3 slicks);
      defeating an oil baron (50-99 +ML), 31.7 µB/Hg (5 slicks);
      defeating an oil cartel (100 +ML and up), 63.4 µB/Hg (10 slicks).
    • If you can't reach the next threshold, avoid using any extra ML because from the tycoon or above, these monsters do not miss.
    • With a radio, Drescher's Annoying Noise or Pride of the Puffin will get you to Tycoons in Standard. Outside of restrictions, consider using Hand in Glove or similar.
  • Wearing dress pants will reduce pressure by an additional 6.34 µB/Hg per combat, doubling fights against slicks. Use these if you do not have the other sources of ML.
  • If you have an Asdon Martin in your workshed, you can drive wastefully to reduce pressure by another 6.34 µB/Hg per combat.
  • In total, 49 oil slicks (or their equivalent) must be defeated.

Return to The Highland Lord's Tower for your reward.


The three areas interact in interesting ways.

A-Boo Peak…

…helps you to complete Oil Peak:

…helps you to complete Twin Peak:

Twin Peak…

…helps you to complete A-Boo Peak:

…helps you to complete Oil Peak:

Oil Peak…

These items are created using bubblin' crude. Beside the jar of oil required for the Twin Peak quest, bubblin' crude can be made into other things which can speed along the other quests.

…helps you to complete A-Boo Peak:

…helps you to complete Twin Peak:

  • oil slacks (pants) grants +20% initiative.
  • oily boid (combat item) can lead to woim, a familiar that grants initiative, which would help in future runs.


Council Text

  • On initial visit:

Sorry to trouble you with this, Adventurer, but we've gotten a... shall we say... cryptic message from Black Angus -- he's one of Loathing's minor nobles.

It's usually safe to ignore him, but he sounded pretty agitated, and given the current political climate we can scarcely afford to ignore him.

Could you do us a favor and go to his tower, in the Highlands? The Highlands are just on the other side of the Orc Chasm. We'll mark it on your map.

  • On subsequent visits:

The Highland Lord, Black Angus, still needs your help, Adventurer.

Quest Log

  • Before building the bridge to the Highlands:

The Council has gotten word that there's something bothering Black Angus, the Highland Lord.

You should seek him out, in the Highlands beyond the Orc Chasm, in the Big Mountains.

  • After building the bridge, but before speaking to the Highland Lord:

You've built a bridge over the Orc Chasm, and now you should go talk to Black Angus, the Highland Lord.

He's in a tower in the Highlands. It's in the Big Mountains, past the Orc Chasm.

  • After speaking to the Highland Lord:

The Highland Lord wants you to light his three signal fires in the Highlands.

You should check out A-Boo Peak and see what's going on there. or You should keep clearing the ghosts out of A-Boo Peak so you can reach the signal fire. It is currently X% haunted. or You've lit the fire on A-Boo Peak.

You need to solve the mystery of Twin Peak and figure out how to light the signal fire. or You need to solve the mystery of Twin Peak and figure out how to light the signal fire. or You've lit the fire on Twin Peak.

You should go to Oil Peak and investigate the signal fire there. or You should keep killing oil monsters until the pressure on the peak drops enough for you to reach the signal fire. The pressure is currently Y microbowies per Mercury. or You've lit the fire on Oil Peak.

  • After lighting all of the signal fires:

You've lit all the signal fires! Go see Black Angus, the Highland Lord, in his tower in the Highlands.

  • After completing the quest:

You helped Black Angus, the Highland Lord, get a pizza delivered to his stupid tower in the stupid Highlands. Yaaaaay.


  • Burning the hotel is the only way to complete this quest during Bees Hate You, due to the inability to use bubblin' crude or obtain a jar of oil by pulling or trading (since it is an untradable quest item). You are still allowed to burn down the hotel despite the presence of the letter "B". You also cannot use A-Boo clue's to speed up clearing away the ghosts in A-boo Peak.
  • The extra ML caused by the rain depth during the Heavy Rains challenge path is not taken into account to determine the monsters you encounter in Oil Peak.
  • The Oil Peak's current pressure (in µB/Hg) is displayed in your Quest Log.