Origami "gentlemen's" magazine

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origami "gentlemen's" magazine
origami "gentlemen's" magazine

This is a tiny magazine covering subject matter that would appeal to gentlemen -- you know, cars, motorcycles, power tools, that kind of thing. I hear there are some great articles in here. That's probably why your familiar is interested in it.

Type: familiar equipment
Familiar: any
Cannot be discarded

+10 lbs. of Ghuol Whelp

NOTE: This item cannot be equipped while in Hardcore.

(In-game plural: origami "gentlemen's" magazines)
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Item number: 3194
Description ID: 937556205
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Obtained From

Fold naughty origami kit
Fold naughty fortune teller


After Combat

Displays one of the following messages and restores some HP/MP:

  • <name> opens the magazine, opens a fold-out in the middle, and turns it sideways. You rest a few minutes while you wait for <name> to finish reading -- man, that must be a long article!
  • <name> reads an article about spiritual healing, then demonstrates the technique on you. Thank goodness it wasn't an article on sexual healing.
  • You spend a few minutes relaxing as you and <name> fill out a bawdy crossword puzzle in the "gentlemen's" magazine.
  • <name> reads you an article about a new line of magic-powered, rechargable power tools. You grunt appreciatively.
  • <name> reads you a racy piece of short fiction. You take a minute to daydream, and feel refreshed when you snap back to reality (Whoops! There goes gravity!).
  • <name> reads you a selection of dirty jokes. You laugh heartily, and feel renewed and refreshed.
  • <name> reads an article about great new pickup lines and practices a few on you. You laugh heartily, and feel relaxed and refreshed when you're done.
  • You rest for a minute as <name> reads you an informative article about politics and the Council of Loathing.
HPYou gain 7-15 hit points.
MPYou gain 7-15 Mana Points.

When Folded

You unfold the pieces of paper, if you know what I mean.
HPYou lose 5% of your maximum hit points. (sleaze damage)

Blushing, you re-fold them into a new object.

Origamiken.gifYou acquire an item: naughty paper shuriken


  • Item will act roughly 50% of the time.
  • This does not actually increase the weight of a Ghuol Whelp or similar familiar. The item adds a separate ability that is functionally equivalent to a 10 pound Ghuol Whelp.


  • The line "...snap back to reality (Whoops! There goes gravity!)." is a lyric from the Eminem song "Lose Yourself."
  • The grunt from the power tools line is a reference to Tim Allen's character Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor from the sitcom Home Improvement.
  • "Sexual Healing" was a hit song by Marvin Gaye.
  • Most gentlemen say that they read these magazines for the articles.

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