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Motto: "Hovering above the decaying ruins, we are Clan Otori. United as one spirit, we shall surpass all others!"


Otori was started by ashamalee (#89522) in 2004 and was derived from the series of novels by Lian Hearn titled 'Tales of the Otori'. These novels bring Feudal Japan to life, an era where a strong leadership and traits such as honour, loyalty, revenge, and humility are highly respected. In addition to philanthropy, these are the traits by which Otori was to be defined (except maybe for the revenge thing.)

The Buffbots

Otori’s first major philanthropic venture was to create buffbots to provide the Kingdom with buffs for a nominal fee. Initially there were three (sneaksie (#79826) the Accordion Thief, DragonSlayersAnon the Turtle Tamer (account since deleted) and leethal (#246325) the Sauceror (no longer a bot account), but after ascension was implemented Otori set to work creating the first super buffbot, Testudinata (#537858), who was able to provide every buff in the game. However, with the addition of more Accordion Thief songs, Testudinata fell short of providing every buff. Therefore, Otori created Binary (#322696) to fill that gap. These buffbots continue to serve the Kingdom to this day.

Otori Week

Otori Week began in August 2005 as a week to celebrate the birth of the clan. This was done by giving back hundreds of millions of meat in contests and celebrations to the community. In recognition of this achievement, Jick designed a custom item for them to give away: the Otorian Battle Scar. The winners of each contest received one of these custom items alongside other prizes. The custom item was also given to some of the most well-known heart players in the game. Today clan Otori still continues with the tradition of Otori Week, hosting one week of contests and giveaways each August.

In addition to Otori Week, Clan Otori has in recent years teamed up with the venerable clan Noblesse Oblige to host A N.Otori-ous Crimbo, celebrating the wonderful season that is Crimbo with contests and giveaways for all.

Clan Warfare

For many years now, Otori has held the top spot for the number of Clan Warfare wins, an interest for the clan that has never dwindled.

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