Packet of winter seeds

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packet of winter seeds
packet of winter seeds

This is a little packet of... seeds? Really they look more like snowflakes and pieces of crushed ice, but the packet says "seeds" on the outside, so I guess that's what they are.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: packets of winter seeds)
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Item number: 7070
Description ID: 862450709
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Obtained From

Discontent™ Winter Garden Catalog

When Used

You construct a glass dome in your campground to provide a blustery winter climate, and plant the seeds inside it.


  • Grows A Winter Garden in your campground.
  • During a Bad Moon ascension, your winter garden will be invisible and inaccessible before freeing King Ralph. It will still follow its normal growth sequence (see A Winter Garden); for example, if you drop Bad Moon on day 4 of your ascension, the patch will reappear with four days' worth of growth in it.
  • If there is already a crop in your Garden, your Winter Garden will replace that crop and return the previous crop's seed packet to you.
  • When replacing A Winter Garden with another crop, the following message is displayed:
You shatter the glass dome, then curse under your breath as you pick through the broken glass and recollect all of the winter seeds.
Winterseeds.gifYou acquire an item: packet of winter seeds


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