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  • (Male) With his mastery of the arcane secrets of Noodlecraft, the Pastamancer is a force to be reckoned with. He relies on his Mysticality to get ahead in the world.
  • (Female) With her mastery of the arcane secrets of Noodlecraft, the Pastamancer is a force to be reckoned with. She relies on her Mysticality to get ahead in the world.


Most Pastamancer skills are learned from The League of Chef-Magi. All Pastamancers begin the game with Manicotti Meditation and Spaghetti Spear.

There is a cap on bonus spell damage. See Calculating Spell Damage and the individual spell pages for more information.

Level Skill Description Effect Type MP Cost Train Cost
0 Mandala.gif
Manicotti Meditation
By meditating on your Manicotti Mandala, you can achieve oneness with the pasta which makes up the underlying structure of reality. Your Magicalness will increase for a period of time. Pasta Oneness
(+2 Mysticality)
(5 Adventures)
Non-combat 1 N/A
0 Line.gif
Spaghetti Spear
This spell conjures a fast-moving dart of spaghetti and slings it at your enemy, dealing a small amount of damage. Uncooked spaghetti, that is. Cooked spaghetti wouldn't do much damage, now, would it? 2-3 physical damage, hard capped at 8 Combat Spell 1 N/A
1 Ravshurikens.gif
Ravioli Shurikens
This spell allows you to summon a handful of deadly ravioli shurikens, stuffed with various flavors of pain. Deals 2-4 damage in a random element 3 times (only the first hit is tuned by Flavour of Magic), hard capped at 10 each Combat Spell 4 125 Meat
1 Pizzacut.gif
Utensil Twist
Anybody can use a utensil, but not everybody can use it to bend the laws of physics. Deals (Weapon Damage)+(0.1*Mys) damage; requires a utensil to cast Combat 1 125 Meat
2 Entnoodles.gif
Entangling Noodles
This spell allows you to conjure a wad of sticky noodles, which slow down your opponent and make its attacks less effective. Prevents enemy from attacking for X turns (usable once per fight); Staggers and delevels monster instead if you are not a Pastamancer Combat 3 250 Meat
2 Aldente.gif
Transcendent Al Dente
You think about almost nothing but pasta, but sometimes you like to take some time to think about it on a deeper level. This skill allows you to spend an entire Adventure doing that, resulting in a significant increase in your magical potential. Al Dente Inferno
(+20 Max MP, restores 18-20 MP per adventure)
(10 Adventures)
Non-combat 0 (1 Adv) 250 Meat
3 Lasbandage.gif
Lasagna Bandages
This spell summons some enchanted lasagna noodles, which can be used as bandages, healing some of your HP. Heals 10-30 HP out of combat, or 10-20 HP in combat. Non-combat or Combat 6 500 Meat
3 T vampieroghi.gif
Bind Vampieroghi
This skill allows you to bind the spirit of a vampire into a pieroghi and bend it to your will, as long as your will is more or less "bite stuff for me," since that's basically all vampieroghis are good at. Summons a Vampieroghi thrall Non-combat 12 500 Meat
4 Pastacannon.gif
Cannelloni Cannon
This spell allows you to summon and then fire a cannon made of cannelloni and stuffed with all manner of deadly substances. Deals (16-32) + (25% of Mys) damage of a random element (tuned by Flavour of Magic), hard capped at 50 Combat Spell 8 750 Meat
4 Archedeyebrow.gif
Arched Eyebrow of the Archmage
When it comes to magic, presenting an intimidating facade is almost as important as actually knowing how to tear people apart with your mind. Non-combat 10 750 Meat
5 Bowl.gif
This skill allows you to summon forth noodles from thin air, and to cook delicious food by combining them with sauces.
  • Allows you to cook with dry noodles.
  • Allows you to summon three dry noodles per day.
Non-combat 10 1,250 Meat
5 T vermincelli.gif
Bind Vermincelli
All of the rats slain by all of the Adventurers in all of the history of tavern basements left vengeful spirits behind, and this skill allows you to befriend one of them and use it as your own personal servant. I'm sure it'll be thrilled. Summons a Vermincelli thrall Non-combat 30 1,250 Meat
6 Fusilli.gif
Springy Fusilli
This skill infuses your body with the springy spirit of spiral pasta, putting a spring in your step and making you more nimble in combat. Springy Fusilli
(+40% Combat Initiative)
(10 Adventures)
Non-combat 10 1,750 Meat
6 Bringuptherear.gif
Bringing Up the Rear
Taking cover behind one of your pasta thralls allows you to cast your spells more carefully, and get more out of them. Doubles the damage cap of Pastamancer combat spells (except Spaghetti Spear and Candyblast) if you have a pasta thrall active Passive N/A 1,750 Meat
7 Rigatoni.gif
Spirit of Rigatoni
This skill will give you the ability to equip Chefstaves -- powerful one-handed staves that act as conduits for advanced Chef-Magery. Allows one to equip Chefstaves Passive N/A 2,500 Meat
7 T wisp.gif
Bind Angel Hair Wisp
The wisps of the underworld are notoriously fickle with their allegiances, but you've learned how to trick... er... convince one of them to help you. At least for now. Summons an Angel Hair Wisp thrall Non-combat 60 2,500 Meat
8 Stuffshell.gif
Stuffed Mortar Shell
This spell summons a massive mortar shell made of pasta and stuffed with various flavors of arcane shrapnel. This bomb bursting in air will give proof through the night that your foe has suffered some serious trauma. Deals (32-64)+(0.5*Mys) damage of a random element (tuned by Flavour of Magic) on the next round after cast (usable once per fight) Combat Spell 8 3,250 Meat
8 Pastashield.gif
Shield of the Pastalord
Despite what you may think, pasta isn't all about destruction. Sometimes, like in the case of this spell, it's about defense. And you've heard that the best defense is a good defense. Shield of the Pastalord
(30% reduction in physical damage taken)
(10% reduction for non-Pastamancer)
(10 Adventures)
Non-combat 20 3,250 Meat
9 Ravioli.gif
Spirit of Ravioli
This skill infuses your body with the essence of ravioli, making it much sturdier. It will increase your maximum HP by 25%. +25% HP Passive N/A 4,000 Meat
9 T elbowmac.gif
Bind Undead Elbow Macaroni
Remember those macaroni guys you fought, way back in the day, when you first started adventuring? Well, how'd you like to have one of those guys of your very own. Sound good? Well, good thing you know this skill, then! Summons an Undead Elbow Macaroni thrall Non-combat 100 4,000 Meat
10 Ironspoon.gif
Weapon of the Pastalord
This spell will summon forth one of the myriad randomly-generated weapons of the Pastalord, the sworn protector of the order of Pastamancers in the Days of Old. That weapon will then beat your opponent about the head or head-analogue Deals (32-64)+(0.5*Mys) physical damage of a random element. When spells are tuned to a specific element, this spell deals half elemental damage (rounded down) and the rest physical damage. Combat Spell 32 5,000 Meat
10 Tactics.gif
Thrall Unit Tactics
You've learned to work in perfect concert with your pasta thralls -- letting them take the brunt of every attack, ordering them into dangerous situations in your stead, generally insulting and demeaning them. But good news -- now you can give something back, by constantly draining a portion of their life force and using it to make your spells cheaper! Halves the base MP cost of Pastamancer combat spells when you have an active pasta thrall Passive N/A 5,000 Meat
11 String.gif
Leash of Linguini
This spell allows you to call forth an enchanted leash made out of noodles, which is placed around the neck of your familiar. This effectively raises your familiar's level by 5, but the noodles will deteriorate after 10 turns have passed. Leash of Linguini
(+5 to familiar weight)
(10 Adventures)
Non-combat 12 6,250 Meat
11 T dreadful.gif
Bind Penne Dreadful
You have learned to bind a hard-boiled skeleton detective to your service. It'll come in handy if on some stormy night a dame walks into your office with legs all the way down. Summons a Penne Dreadful thrall Non-combat 150 6,250 Meat
12 Coccoon.gif
Cannelloni Cocoon
This spell summons forth a huge Cannelloni, which envelops you and heals your wounds. Heals up to 1000 HP. Non-combat 20 7,500 Meat
12 Quicktoanger.gif
Subtle and Quick to Anger
People better not meddle in your affairs, because you will cook them into a freakin' lasagna if they do. Spell Damage +10% Passive N/A 7,500 Meat
13 Blackfire.gif
Tolerance of the Kitchen
They say that if you can't stand the heat, you should get out of the kitchen. Well, with this skill, you'll be able to stand the heat. Any heat. Provides So-So Hot Resistance. Passive N/A 10,000 Meat
13 T lasagmbie.gif
Bind Lasagmbie
This skill allows you to bind a lumbering lasagmbie to your service. You wanted grunting and lurching and the flesh of the living, right? Because that's the service you're going to get. Summons a Lasagmbie thrall Non-combat 200 10,000 Meat
14 Flavorofmagic.gif
Flavour of Magic
This spell will allow you to bring your mystical being in line with the elemental forces that underlie all things: earth, wind, fire, water, and heart. Wait, I mean hot, cold, sleaze, stench, and spookiness. And what's the deal with 'heart' anyway? How does that make any sense at all? Makes damage spells do a specific form of elemental damage:

Also adds +10 Spell Damage.
Includes a sixth spirit, Spirit of Nothing, that deactivates the skill.
(intrinsic effect)

Non-combat 1 12,500 Meat
14 Wizardsquint.gif
Wizard Squint
After "gray hair" and "a beard," the most common answer on The $20,000 Pyramid when the category is "Things a Wizard Has" is "squinty eyes." The fourth one, strangely, is "one of my lungs." Non-combat 10 12,500 Meat
15 Blacknoodles.gif
Transcendental Noodlecraft
You have achieved the highest possible level of Pastamancy -- you are now capable of making meals that rival the Platonic ideal of the dish of noodles.
  • Allows you to summon two additional dry noodles per day.
  • Lets you cook more advanced noodle dishes.
Passive N/A 15,000 Meat
15 T spiceghost.gif
Bind Spice Ghost
This skill allows you to enthrall a spice ghost, an ethereal being who, being made of a diffuse cloud of floating spice particles, can help you get into those hard-to-reach places where your enemies tend to keep their stuff. Summons a Spice Ghost thrall Non-combat 250 15,000 Meat
Spookyraven Manor Quest Skill
N/A Fearfulfet.gif
Fearful Fettucini
This spell summons a mass of fettucini noodles made not of semolina, or of farina, but of pure, uncut terror. Deals (32-64)+(0.5*Mys) Spooky Damage Combat Spell 32 N/A
Sea Floor Skill
N/A Batter2.gif
You've learned the secrets of deep-sea thermal vents, and the ways in which they relate to the secrets of battermaking, which you already knew. Lets you create tempura dishes from bubbling tempura batters. Passive N/A N/A
Crimbo '09 Skill
N/A Candypile.gif
The ability to summon pasta from thin air is pretty sweet, but this lets you conjure something even sweeter -- a massive barrage of candy. Deals (8-16)+(0.25*Mys) physical damage, hard capped at 50; may drop candy Combat Spell 8 N/A
The Traveling Trader Skill
N/A Scharm.gif
Stringozzi Serpent
This spell allows you to conjure up a venomous serpent made of wriggling noodles. Deals (16-32)+(0.25*Mys) physical damage, hard capped at 75; deals additional poison damage Combat Spell 16 N/A
Nemesis Quest
N/A Carboloading.gif
Canticle of Carboloading
This ode to the Pastalords has the effect of making the next thing you eat swell up with starchy goodness, thus granting you more energy than it otherwise would have. Unfortunately, it's only usable once per day -- any more than that and you'd run the risk of exploding. Gives an extra 3 adventures per use (once per day) to the next pasta dish you eat. Non-combat 10 N/A
N/A T spagdemon.gif
Bind Spaghetti Elemental
Your research into ancient cult rituals has taught you how to bind a spaghetti elemental to your service. Summons a Spaghetti Elemental thrall Non-combat 150 N/A


The amount of Mysticality required to attain level L follows the formula Mysticality = L2 - 2L+ 5.

Class-Specific Powers

  • Pasta Thralls: Pastamancers can summon a Pasta Thrall to them which provide additional effects during combat. Pasta Thralls can gain experience, and gain new effects at levels 5 and 10. Other classes can try to summon one, but will only receive 10 turns of a related effect instead of a Thrall. Both summoned Thralls and trying to bind a Thrall for its Non-Pastamancer effect will dismiss any other Thrall or remove other Non-Pastamancer effects.
  • +50% MP: Pastamancers (and Saucerors) have an innate 50% bonus to their maximum MP.
  • +5% Elemental Resistance: Pastamancers (and Saucerors) have an innate 5% resistance to elemental damage. This resistance applies only to damage, and will not pass tests that check for levels of elemental resistance (like Guano Junction).
  • MP from Pasta: Pastamancers gain MP when eating pasta dishes, based on the fullness of the dish. 3-7 MP is gained per fullness of the food, with the following message:
You draw power from the pasta. Delicious power.
MPYou gain X Mana Points.

Class Gear


  • Elements for pasta spells have equal probabilities, despite the fact that some elements have more hit messages than others.
  • Elemental pasta spells cast against elemental creatures will never be of that creature's element (e.g., hot damage will never occur against a hot creature, so you never do 1 damage), assuming you do not have equipment or an effect that forces spells to be of that element.



  • The Pastamancer is the KoL equivalent of the Necromancer class from D&D, whose strength revolved around the summoning of undead minions.
  • The title for the second level is perplexing, since although they are indeed made from dough, most noodles do not contain yeast.
Seal Clubber
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Disco Bandit
Accordion Thief