Peach lozenge

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peach lozenge
peach lozenge

This is a small, hard wad of magically-concentrated peach, which slowly releases its smooth, moxious essence into your mouth while you suck on it.

Stop sniggering! Good grief, you've got a filthy mind.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 77 Meat.
Effect: The Halls of Moxiousness (5 Adventures)+3 Moxie Stats Per Fight

(In-game plural: peach lozenges)
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Item number: 3478
Description ID: 853223528
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Potion9.gif peach scrumdiddlyumptious solution
Equals.gif peach lozenge

When Used

You pop the lozenge in your mouth. Your tongue takes on a decidedly silverish hue.
Candy.gifYou acquire an effect: The Halls of Moxiousness
(duration: 5-15 Adventures)


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