Phairly Pheromonal

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Phairly Pheromonal

Phairly Pheromonal

Your relationship with your familiar just got a shot in the arm, because you just got a shot in the arm from a genetically engineered talking teddy bear. You're exuding pheromones that will make your familiar more attracted to you -- well, in a platonic way. Your familiar just doesn't see you that way, you know? Besides, you two have such a great friendship it'd be a shame to risk spoiling it. And it's not you, it's your familiar. You'll find someone perfect for you, because you're such a great person.

+4 to Familiar Weight

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Effect number: 645
Description ID: 6e0ad7f808c7e80f85b1920c7e94b3e2
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Obtained From

Seaside Megalopolis
I'm on the Hunt, I'm After You (after choosing "Hunt the Teddy Bear")

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