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Most of the monsters you fight have no resistance to your attacks, but a few of them do. Monster resistance occurs in several different forms:

Physical resistance

Some monsters are resistant to physical damage. Physical attacks inflict reduced damage to these enemies, and in the case of enemies with 100% resistance, the damage from every physical attack is reduced to a single point. Spells and elemental damage apply normally, except in the cases where the monster also has elemental resistance.

The damage you do against a physically resistant monster is calculated as follows:

  • Multiply your damage by the physical resistance percentage.
  • Round down.
  • Subtract this value from your damage.
  • If your damage is less than 1, set it to 1.

Or, if you prefer mathematical symbols: max(1, D - floor(D*R)) where D is your initial damage and R is the resistance.

Elemental resistance

Some monsters have resistance to elemental damage. All elemental attacks against these monsters inflict reduced damage. The formulas for monster elemental resistance are identical to the physical resistance formulas shown above.

Monster Level modification

The game calculates a separate monster resistance factor based on your total Monster Level modifiers. This resistance is 0.4% * ML (which can be positive or negative), but is capped at 50% (corresponding to +125 ML).

If the monster doesn't have any intrinsic physical or elemental resistance, this ML-based resistance is used as the monster's physical and elemental resistance. If the monster does have intrinsic resistance, the game uses the greater of the two.

For example, if you have +20 ML (ML-based resistance of 8%) but you are fighting a monster with 10% intrinsic physical resistance, the monster will have 10% resistance.

Soft damage cap

Some monsters have a soft damage cap, which puts diminishing returns on the damage you inflict. Soft damage caps have two variables, Base and Exponent, which are different for each monster. If the damage you inflict is greater than Base, it is modified by the following formula:

RealDamage = Base + (OriginalDamage - Base)Exponent

Each source of damage that you inflict (i.e., each individually displayed number in the combat result page) is modified separately.

For example, the Mer-kin drifter has a soft damage cap with Base=400 and Exponent=0.75. If you hit it with a weapon attack that would normally deal 800 (+50) damage, the 800 is reduced to 489 by the soft damage cap, and the +50 is left alone. The actual damage you inflict is 489 (+50).


This list is not complete.


Spellslinging is often the simplest and straightforward way to defeat monsters with physical resistance, as almost all spells deal elemental damage. But if your character lacks such skills or is unable to fund the MP cost, there are plenty of alternatives.