Pint of sweat

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pint of sweat
pint of sweat

This is a pint jar of your own sweat. You are just awful for keeping it.

Type: combat item
Cannot be traded

Deals 25-30 Stench Damage and 25-30 Sleaze Damage
(and additional Stench and Sleaze damage in subsequent rounds)

(In-game plural: pints of sweat)
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Item number: 7099
Description ID: 733018685
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Obtained From

The Inner Wolf Gym
Abcrusher 4000™
Legstrong™ stationary bicycle
rack of free weights
An Empty House (in the Workoutfit)
sweat socks (after 10 combats)

When Used

  • On use:
You throw the jar of sweat at your opponent like it was the world's most disgusting molotov cocktail. The jar shatters, soaking him in oil and bacteria and dealing X (+Y) damage.
  • On subsequent rounds:
You catch another whiff of that sweat, and so does your opponent, if the Z (+W) damage he takes is any indication.


  • Deals 25-30 damage in each element initially, and 10-15 each round.


  • Likely based on Jarate, a secondary weapon in Team Fortress 2 which consists of jar filled with urine.


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