Piping Hot

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Piping Hot
Piping Hot

As you're wandering through Burnbarrel Blvd., one of the myriad steam pipes catches your eye, for some reason. There's a big valve wheel at a T-junction with steam billowing out of one of the exit pipes. The other pipe leads back down into the ground, and has a sign on it labeled "PLD Sauna Steam Supply."


Turn the valve

You turn the wheel, and the air gets noticeably cooler as steam stops blasting out into the open. You hear a chorus of sleazy-sounding sighs from off in the distance.

Leave the valve alone

You decide to leave steamy enough alone, and walk off without messing with the valve. Maybe you can find a gearbox to play with, instead.

Occurs at Burnbarrel Blvd..


Makes it harder to get inside on the Getting Clubbed adventure in the sleaze zone.

Decreases the damage done by the special moves of hot hobos.


  • The second message likely refers to the Steam content delivery system used by Valve Corporation (who partnered with Gearbox Software to produce several expansion packs for the game Half-Life).