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Confirm unlocks and precise numbers on sailing encounters.

This is your guide to sailing the seas of PirateRealm, a monorail destination available after using a PirateRealm membership packet.


Once per day, you can make a journey through PirateRealm. You start at Port Beginning, where you select one crewmate, one curio, and a ship for the day's journey. You then choose from a selection of island destinations and progress through several sailing adventures to get there. The first island consists of 4 fights and a final adventure that may be a reward or boss fight. The sequence of sailing and island adventures repeats for second and third island destinations, although the third island contains 9 fights before a final reward adventure or boss.

You must wear a PirateRealm eyepatch (provided) which limits your base stats to 20, and your buffed stats must not be higher than 100.

There are 6 stats to keep track of while sailing the PirateRealm seas:

  • Guns determine your chances of winning fights against other ships and sea serpents. Can be bought from the shops or retrieved from defeated ships, sometimes. You still have chances of winning even with 0 Guns.
  • Grub and Grog are spent at the end of every Sailing adventure. Can be gained and lost in various ways, such as found on other ships, bought, accidentally dropped or used to calm the crew. Running out of one of them forces you to spend an adventure looking for some. Running out of both simultaneously simply gives the scavenging adventures back to back.
  • Glue is needed to repair your ship if it gets damaged from losing against another ship or failing to outrun a storm. Not having glue to use forces you to waste an adventure waiting for help, only giving 1 Fun.
  • Gold is used to buy other resources from the occasional shop ships, or to calm the crew. Found from shipwrecks, winning against other pirates, and in various ways, depending on your Curio, Crewmate and island of choice.
  • FunPoints are gained at every adventure and are spent by using the Quest item PirateRealm Fun-a-Log; they don't disappear at rollover or ascension.

Points earned from previous ascensions can be used once a trip through the Realm is completed in a new ascension, even in Hardcore/Ronin.


Each journey starts with your selection of one crewmate, one curio, and a ship for the day's journey.


Each crewmate is randomly generated with an adjective and a role. Two random crewmates are available daily at Groggy's Tavern. A third choice becomes permanently available after rescuing a prisoner from Prison Island with the ancient skull key.

  • Beligerent[sic] - Unlocks Jungle Island. Sometimes finds an extra Gun from shipwrecks.
  • Dipsomaniacal - Can give one Grog after combat. Can find extra Grog from shipwrecks.
  • Gluttonous - Can give one Grub after combat. Can find extra Grub at shipwrecks. Helps when running out of Grub.
  • Pinch-Fisted - Gives 5-10 Gold at the end of PirateRealm combats. Increases Gold yields from sinking pirate ships.
  • Wide-Eyed - Unlocks Skull Island. Bonus fun when counting birds in Smooth Sailing.


Pr harpoon.gif bloody harpoon: +100% weapon damage in PirateRealm. Defeating a sea serpent gives 300-400? gold and unlocks plush sea serpent in Fun-a-Log.
Pr compass.gif cursed compass: +100% item drops in PirateRealm. Can be sold for 500 gold and subsequently recovered from a shipwreck to unlock Jack's Hideout.
Pr key.gif ancient skull key: Shipwreck Salvage adventures will give 100-200 extra gold. Unlocks Prison Island.
Pr anemometer.gif curious anemometer: Unlocks Trash Island and improves odds on outrunning a storm
Unlocked in The Calm After the Storm, after beating Storm Island.
Pr flag.gif Red Roger's flag: Increases the number of naval combat adventures while sailing.
Unlocked by defeating Red Roger.
Pr spyglass.gif Glass Jack's spyglass: Unlocks Key Key.
Unlocked by defeating Glass Jack Hummel.


Ship Speed
(turns to travel between islands)
Guns Grub Grog Glue
Rigged Frigate 7 turns 3 10 10 1
Intimidating Galleon 7 turns 4 8 8 0
Speedy Caravel 6 turns 1 5 5 1
Swift Clipper 4 turns 0 5 5 1
Menacing Man o' War 9 turns 8 5 30 0

The Swift Clipper is unlocked by outrunning 10 storms, across all runs.

The Menacing Man o' War is unlocked by defeating 10 civilian ships, across all runs.

Sailing adventures

Each sailing adventure costs 1 grub and 1 grog. The number of turns it takes to travel to an island is determined by your ship speed. (See ships above.)

  • Defeating the monster gives 10-15 grub and 8 fun. If you have the bloody harpoon curio, instead you get 300-400 Gold and 10 fun and unlock the plush sea serpent in the Fun-a-Log.
  • If you lose, you get 7 fun.
  • Fleeing gives 5 fun, sometimes lose 1 grog or 1 grub.
  • If you attack the ship and win, obtain one of: 50-60 gold, 1 gun, 3-10 grub, or 3-10 grog. Gain 6 fun.
  • If you lose, gain 4 fun and your ship is broken.
  • Leaving them alone gives 3 fun.
  • Searching the wreckage gives 75-125 gold and 5 fun. Additionally gives: 1 gun with a Beligerent mate (sometimes), 3 grub with a Gluttonous mate, 3 grog with a Dipsomaniacal mate, and 100-200 more gold with an ancient skull key.
  • If you previously sold your cursed compass to a shop ship, you instead obtain a recursed compass and 10 fun.
  • High Tide, Low Morale - Appears periodically when your crew's morale is low. Occurs approximately every 5th sailing adventure, though the interval can vary. (Currently unknown if anything else influences morale.) Can happen even with 0 grog and/or 0 grub.
  • Spend either 3 grub, 3 grog, or 30 gold to get 5 fun.
  • Doing a little dance (free) gives 1 fun (twice).
  • Buy 5 grub, 5 grog, or 1 glue at the cost of 10 gold each.
  • Buy a gun for 200 gold
  • Sell cursed compass curio for 500 gold
  • Having a snack costs 1 grub to get 5 fun. +2 fun with a Cuisinier mate.
  • Having a cocktail costs 1 grog to get 5 Fun. +2 fun with a Mixologist mate.
  • Bridwatching gives 3 fun. +3 fun with a Wide-Eyed mate.
  • Battening the hatches gives 5 fun.
  • Trying to outrun the storm gives 8 fun. Chance of success is improved by ship speed?, having a Coxswain as a crewmate, and curious anemometer curio. If successful, reduces your travel time to the next island by 1 turn. If failed, breaks your ship.
  • Fight another pirate ship. If you win, get 50-60 gold, (sometimes) a gun, and 8 fun.
  • If you lose, suffer one of these penalties: lose 3 grub, lose 3 grog, lose 26-30? gold, or your ship may be broken. Gain 7 fun.
  • Fleeing successfully gives 5 fun, sometimes lose 1 grog or grub.

Emergency adventures occur on the next sailing encounter if your ship has suffered a malfunction:

  • Ferment seawater for 5 grog and 1 fun. +3 grog with a Cryptobotanist mate.
  • Dive for casks to gain 1-8 grog and 3 fun. +? grog with a Cryptobotanist mate.
  • Catch fish for 5 grub and 1 fun. +3 grub with a Gluttonous mate.
  • Dive for 1-8 grub and 3 fun. +? grub with a Gluttonous mate.
  • The Ship is Wrecked occurs if your ship was broken in the previous adventure. This adventure does not count as progress toward the next island, so encountering it means your journey will be 1 adventure longer.
  • Repairing with glue gives 5 fun.
  • Waiting for assistance gives only 1 fun.

Island adventures

The first and second islands contain 4 normal combats and a final boss or reward, while the third island has 9 normal combats before the final adventure.

All non-boss monsters give 3 fun except for the plastic skeleton (4 fun) and plastic pirate (7 fun).

Island 1

Battle Island
Crab Island
Glass Island
Dessert Island
  • Requires a Cuisinier crewmate.
  • Monsters: melty freezeface - Drop oversized ice molecule (1-size spleen item, gives 50 turns of +5 cold res, +25 cold damage, +50 cold spell damage)
  • Reward: cocoa of youth, a usable item that extends the duration of up to 10 of your effects by 5 Adventures.
Key Key
Skull Island

Island 2

Isla Gublar
Cemetery Island
Jungle Island
Trash Island
Prison Island
  • Requires ancient skull key curio
  • Monsters: plastic pirate - Drop 7 fun each.
  • Reward: First time, permanently adds a third crewmate option and gives 10 fun. Subsequent visits yield 20 fun.

Island 3

Signal Island
Tiki Island
Storm Island
Red Roger's Fortress
Glass Jack's Hideout‎
Temple Island



Most items in the PirateRealm Fun-a-Log must be unlocked before they can be purchased with FunPoints.

  • The PirateRealm Assortment is an outfit consisting of 5 items from the Fun-a-Log. All parts cost 1,000 fun except for the party hat which costs only 20.
  • Pirate fork and Scurvy and Sobriety Prevention are easily unlockable by starting with the compass, selling it, and spending the 500 gold in Grub and Grog. The 100 starting gold, along with the 500 gold, is enough to immediately gain 150 of both resources.
  • Island Drinkin', a Tiki Mixology Odyssey is a skillbook unlocked by finishing Tiki Island with a Mixologist. It teaches Tiki Mixology, which allows you to craft 9 new drinks using 3 types of rhum (also purchased from the Fun-a-Log) and the garnishes that drop on Tiki Island.
  • Note that Tiki Mixology is automatically marked Hardcore Permanent, but Prevent Scurvy and Sobriety is not, so you have to spend karma to perm it.
  • The lucky gold ring is unlocked after returning to Port Beginning with at least 1000 gold. Taking a bloody harpoon curio and hoping to fight at least 3 sea serpents is probably the easiest way to achieve this.

Red Roger

To obtain all of Red Roger's parts, you must fight Red Roger four times. To find him, you'll need a Wide-Eyed or Harquebusier mate to unlock Skull Island, then travel to Cemetery Island, then to Red Roger's Fortress.

Pr rightfoot.gif Red Roger's red right foot: accessory, +1 FunPoints from sailing adventures when equipped
Pr leftfoot.gif Red Roger's red left foot: accessory, +1 FunPoints from island combat adventures when equipped
Pr righthand.gif Red Roger's red right hand: 1-handed weapon, +50 physical damage in PirateRealm
Pr lefthand.gif Red Roger's red left hand: off-hand, +100% item drops in PirateRealm

After you have all four pieces, equip them before selecting island #3 to sail to Temple Island, where you will find the familiar hatchling Red Roger's skull and unlock his tattoo kit in the Fun-a-Log.

Maximizing FunPoints

You'll want to obtain fun-increasing gear early. A PirateRealm party hat gives +1 fun for every PirateRealm adventure. Red Roger's red left foot gives +1 fun from island combats, and Red Roger's red right foot gives +1 fun from all sailing adventures. A Harquebusier mate also grants +1 fun from island combats. All of these can stack together.

A slower ship earns more fun, because you can spend more turns per day in PirateRealm. While winning fights in sailing adventures gives more fun than losing, getting your ship broken is often better for fun farming. Having to repair lengthens your journey by one adventure, and repairing (with glue) gives 5 fun.

Note that copied monsters fought outside PirateRealm do not drop fun.

  • The most fun-earning path is through Red Roger (Skull Island to Cemetery Island to Red Roger's Fortress), largely because you fight 9 plastic pirates (7 base fun) on the final island. The islands on this path give a total of 128-132 fun (increased to a maximum fun of 182-186 with +3 bonus fun from combats.) This path requires a Wide-Eyed or Harquebusier mate.
  • If those mates are not available, the second best path is to try to get the recursed compass while traveling to Crab Island, then Isla Gublar, then Glass Jack's Hideout. The islands on this path give a total of 115 fun, plus 5 more fun than you'd otherwise get when recovering the compass from a shipwreck, for a total of 120 (increased to a maximum fun of 177 with +3 bonus fun from combats).
  • If you don't manage to get the recursed compass, instead go to Tiki or Storm Island for your third island. The islands on this path give you 108 fun (increased to a maximum fun of 162 with +3 bonus fun from combats.)
  • Alternately, take the ancient skull key curio and go to Crab Island, Prison Island, then Tiki/Storm Island. Islands on this path give 114 fun (168 fun with +3 bonus fun from combats.) This gives fewer fun than the recursed compass route, but more fun than if you try and fail to recover the recursed compass.


The crabs on Crab Island have a base meat drop of 150, while the Giant giant crab gives 2000. If the Curious anemometer was taken, it is then possible to head over to Trash Island; its cockroaches drop 500 base meat each, and its final adventure has a slight chance of giving very valuable items. This gives a total of 4600 base meat drop and 8-12 random tradable items over (10 + 2*boat speed) adventures.

With all 4 pieces of Red Roger's gear equipped, and if you already have the Red Roger's skull hatchling, Temple Island will give you an additional 10,000 meat, at the cost of an additional (10 + boat speed) adventures.

A Monorail Station
Lyle's Office