Plain brown wrapper

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plain brown wrapper
plain brown wrapper

This is a fairly run-of-the-mill hip-hop artist of indeterminate ethnicity. Oh, wait, I didn't see the W. Hold on.

This is actually just a plain brown wrapper, like the kind they deliver your... oh... wait. You didn't want anybody to mention that. Sorry.

Type: gift package
Cannot be traded or discarded
Gift Item

(In-game plural: plain brown wrappers)
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Item number: 1167
Description ID: 546961999
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Obtained From

Sent from The Gift Shop (50 Meat)

When Used

You look around to make sure nobody's watching you, and tear open the package.


  • This package will hold 1 type of item.
  • As of rollover on May 5, 2006, this item costs 50 meat.
  • During rollover on May 5, 2006, all plain brown wrappers in your possession (whether in your Display Case, Closet, or in Hagnk's) were moved to your inventory, and those with only 1 meat in them were destroyed.
  • After the May 5, 2006 rollover, some adventurers saw this when using a wrapper:
Something has gone wrong -- no such package was found.


  • Mail-order pornography and similar products often offer delivery in a "plain brown wrapper" to prevent embarrassment to the recipient.
  • Remove the 'W' from the word 'wrapper' and it becomes 'rapper', as seen in the first half of the description.


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