Plumber's lunch

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plumber's lunch
plumber's lunch

This is a lunchbox full of stuff a plumber would eat: an egg with a big crack in the middle, half a peach sticking out of a napkin, two slices of tomato peeking out of some pita bread...

Buttcrack. These are buttcrack jokes.

Type: food (decent)
Size: 2
Level required: 4
Selling Price: 3 Meat.
Effect: Egg Burps (20 Adventures)+50 Damage to Stench Spells
Spell Damage +100%

(In-game plural: plumber's lunches)
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Item number: 7162
Description ID: 425772935
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Obtained From

A Deserted Stretch of I-911
sewer tanker

When Consumed

You wash the outside of the lunchbox, open it, eat the lunch, then wash your hands a couple of times.
AdventuresYou gain 2-4 Adventures.
Egg.gifYou acquire an effect: Egg Burps
(duration: 20 Adventures)
(You gain 2 Fullness.)


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