Pneumatic Tube Interface

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Pneumatic Tube Interface

The Pneumatic Tube Interface is located in Professor Jacking's laboratory. Fruits may be placed in the machine, affecting the results of some of the laboratory adventures.

In the center of the Professor's lab sits an elaborate machine riddled with pneumatic tubes. The purposes of these tubes (and knobs and levers) are mostly inscrutable, but one tube, labeled "Fruit Intake Subsystem" gives you the impression that maybe you're supposed to stick fruit into it.
Insert Fruit!
  • Upon insertion of the fruit:
The <fruit> disappears into the tube and begins bouncing around noisily inside the machine.
  • If there is already a fruit inside:
You can currently see a <fruit> bouncing around inside the machine.
  • Inserting a fruit when one is already inside:
The <fruit> is sucked into the tube, displacing the <fruit> that was bouncing around in the machine. You wonder where it went.