Poetic Justice

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Poetic Justice
Poetic Justice

You suddenly find yourself having an odd day dream. Everything is blacker and whiter.

Someone named Mrs. Rayburn is demanding you turn in your poem!

Hand in the poem your brother wrote

It takes real chutzpah to take credit for someone else's work!

You gain 250 Roguishness.

Admit that you didn't write anything

Honesty is the best policy, you suppose, and the F you get on the assignment sure gives you wisdom.

You gain 125 Enchantedness.

Fake an injury on the playground

Real or fake, who's to say? Now you have time to finish your poem, though.

Beatenup.gifYou acquire an effect: Beaten Up
(duration: 5 Adventures)
AdventuresYou gain 5 Adventures.

Snap out of it!

You shake your head vigorously and clear it of your surreal daydream.

Occurs when adventuring while equipped with June cleaver.