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Check whether the lucky adventure pool skill bonus carries into Bad Moon.

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Pool Skill is a mechanic that improves your ability to play pool (duh), either in The Haunted Billiards Room, in the Typical Tavern or in your clan's VIP lounge. It can be viewed (if non-zero) in the Other Accomplishments section of Your Quest Log, or through the Quest Tracker, but only after encountering Welcome To Our ool Table and before defeating the ghost in afore-mentioned adventure.

Known Pool Skill Increasers

Source Source Type Pool Skill Duration Cost Notes
government-issued eyeshade Hat 5 Always  
Staff of Ed Weapon (1H) 5 Always  
Staff of Fats Weapon (2H) 5 Always  
Staff of Fats Weapon (2H) 5 Always  
pool cue Weapon (2H) 3 Always  
pantogram pants Pants 5 Until Rollover  
Bauxite Baubles Outfit Variable Always
  • The outfit bonus depends on the number of toddlers at the Boxing Daycare: X = 10 + <toddlers>0.25, rounded down.
Chalked Weapon Effect 5 10 Adventures Item Loss
Influence of Sphere Effect 5 10 Adventures Item Loss
Video... Games? Effect 5 5 Adventures
Food Item Loss, 1 Full
Chalky Hand Effect 3 5 Adventures Item Loss
Swimming with Sharks Effect 3 15 Adventures Item Loss
Bustle Hustlin' Booze 5 40 Adventures Item loss, 1 Drunk
Sharky Spleen Item 5 20 Adventures Item loss, 1 Spleen
Welcome To Our ool Table Adventure 1-4 each time Until Ascension 1 Adventure
  • Chalky Hand and Staff of Fats will increase the amount by one and two, respectively, if "Hustle over to the other table and practice" is chosen.
  • Pool Skill gained from this appears to be either uncapped, or capped somewhere above 1,000,000.
Choosing to rack 'em up in A Shark's Chum Lucky Adventure 0 - 10 Always  
  • Permanently adds to your Pool Skill.
  • This is capped at a maximum of 10 points (after 25 visits).
  • This does carry across ascensions.
  • The amount added based on a formula.
Drunkenness Drunkenness 0-10 or variable Always
  • Each point of drunkenness up to and including 10 yields +1 pool skill.
  • Each point beyond 10 drunkenness yields -2 pool skill, (11 drunkenness = +8, 14 drunkenness = +2, 19 drunkenness = -8)
  • Is not displayed in the Other Accomplishments tab or the quest tracker, plan accordingly.

No Pool Skill Effect

Some noteworthy items that do not increase Pool Skill include:


  • Shortly after the Spookyraven Manor revamp on 14th May 2014, the effect of your drunkenness on pool skill was shown in the Quest Tracker when trying to get the Spookyraven library key. This was then made hidden sometime the next day.
  • On May 30, 2014, Pool Skill was added to the Quest Log.
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