Possessed sugar cube

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possessed sugar cube
possessed sugar cube

This is a cube of sugar that is doing its best to move around. Sadly, its best isn't much more than "shake back and forth a little".

Type: usable
Selling Price: 90 Meat.

(In-game plural: possessed sugar cubes)
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Item number: 7478
Description ID: 654638245
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Obtained From

Sloppy Seconds Diner
Sloppy Seconds Sundae

When Used


You press the sugar cube into the shape of an angel, and it starts looking for the head of a pin to dance around on. Actually, wait. That's not an angel, it's a fairy. And you don't know what it's looking for.
Sugarfairy2.gifYou acquire an item: sugar fairy

Using 3:

You make a crude rabbit shape out of the sugar cubes, and it becomes a less crude rabbit shape of its own volition.
Sugarbunny.gifYou acquire an item: sugar bunny

Using 11:

You compress the sugar cubes into a crude facsimile of a tooth.
Sugartooth.gifYou acquire an item: sweet tooth


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