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pretty flower
pretty flower

This is a good-looking flower. It used to have a lot of flowers that hung around it, because it was so pretty. Sadly, the other flowers have all gone to graveyards, young girls, or young men, but this one's still available.

(Meat Pasting component)
(Cooking ingredient)
(Cocktailcrafting ingredient)

(In-game plural: pretty flowers)
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Item number: 39
Description ID: 436457816
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Obtained From

The Heap
I Refuse!
When you attempt to steal loot, but are stopped by a Meat Golem
Opponent has nothing in their inventory that fits the item you want
When you win while attempting to steal a flower
Just the Facts (after some combats, see this helpful tool made by Semenar.)




  • The last line of the description refers to the song "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" by Pete Seeger.


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