Pufferfish spine

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pufferfish spine
pufferfish spine

This is a sharp spine coated with a potent neurotoxin. It makes you glad that your own spine has neither of those properties.

Type: combat item
Cannot be discarded

Poisons your opponent, and using additional ones makes the poison way worse

(In-game plural: pufferfish spines)
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Item number: 3643
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Obtained From

Madness Reef

When Used

  • Initially:
You jam the pufferfish spine into your opponent. It winces and turns a little green.
  • Then, each subsequent round:
    It takes (2X) damage from the pufferfish poison.
  • Every other use in the same combat:
You jam another pufferfish spine into your opponent. It winces and gets even greener.


  • X is set to 1 when you use the first spine of the battle, and increases by 1 with each passing round and each additional spine used.

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