Pulled yellow taffy

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pulled yellow taffy
pulled yellow taffy

This is a wad of pulled yellow taffy. It has the eye-watering sourness of lemon, combined with the easy-going island feel of a pineapple. It's sure to get you dancing, even if you're blinking tears out of your eyes while doing so.

Type: potion
(can also be used in combat)
Selling Price: 5 Meat.
Effect: Sour Softshoe (10 Adventures)+2X% Meat from Monsters
+X% Items from Monsters

Vaporizes an enemy and causes all of its items to drop
(underwater only)

(In-game plural: pulled yellow taffies)
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When Used

  • From inventory:
You eat the pulled yellow taffy. It puts a spring in your step and a wink on your face.
Taffy1.gifYou acquire an effect: Sour Softshoe
(duration: 10 Adventures)
  • In combat:
While underwater:
You toss the taffy, and the salt water soaks into it. There is a burst of yellow as a giant manta ray catches the taffy in its mouth before slamming into your opponent, knocking it into a nearby bottomless trench and scattering its possessions.
If you've already summoned a taffy fish this fight:
You've already fed a fish some taffy this fight. And you know what they say: "Feed a fish a taffy, he'll be your friend for a fight. Feed a different fish a taffy during the same fight, you can't do that."
With Everything Looks Yellow:
What with your yellowed vision, you're not sure you can actually find that yellow taffy, much less successfully throw it.
Against an enemy which cannot be disintegrated:
Your hands are slick with sweat because of this fearsome foe, and you are unable to toss the taffy.
You toss the taffy into the air, but nothing happens. You remember people talking about how great salt-water taffy is -- maybe if you tried using this underwater...


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Collection data courtesy of ePeterso2 and Jicken Wings
Summoned Pulled Taffy
Color of Pulled Taffy Combat Use (Underwater Only) Effect Rarity
Red Summons a red herring that gives you an underwater item at the end of combat. Cinnamon Challenger +X/10 Moxie Stats per Fight
+X/2 Moxie
Orange Summons an orange ruffian that deals 150-250 physical damage every round. Orange Crusher +X/10 Muscle Stats per Fight
+X/2 Muscle
Yellow Summons a Giant Yellow Manta Ray. (75 turn cooldown). Sour Softshoe +2X% Meat from Monsters
+X% Items from Monsters
Green Summons a green envyfish that copies your opponent in the form of an envyfish egg. Soda Jerked Regenerate X/2-X MP per Adventure Uncommon
Blue Summons a hairtriggerfish that turns some of your hits into criticals. Blue Swayed +X/10 to Familiar Weight
+X/5 Familiar Experience Per Combat
Indigo Summons a giant squid that banishes your opponent without consuming an adventure. Closer to Fine Regenerate X-2X HP per Adventure Uncommon
Violet Summons a purple octomom that restores your HP and MP at the end of combat and blocks your opponent in battle. Purple Reign +X/10 Mysticality Stats per Fight
+X/2 Mysticality
X is the number of turns of the effect remaining, capped at 50. All fractions are rounded up.