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Type: Passive
MP Cost: N/A

This skill allows you to smash certain pieces of equipment into their magical essences with a tenderizing hammer.

Lets you smash equipment

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 15,000 Meat
Class: Seal Clubber
Level: 15
Effect: Enables you to use a tenderizing hammer to smash almost any piece of equipment into chunks of essence, and grants Muscle classes access to The Malus of Forethought within The Brotherhood of the Smackdown.

When you acquire the skill:

Torg looks up at you. "Lemme show you something," he says, and points to a giant hammer in the back corner that you hadn't noticed before. "This is the Malus of Forethought. You're probably strong enough to use it now. You can pulverize stuff with your regular tenderizing hammer, but the Malus allows you to combine the essences of things you pulverize."

Items obtained by using this skill


Powder Effect (Duration) Result
twinkly powder
Twinklebritches (5 Adv.)
+3 Damage Reduction
hot powder
Flame-Retardant Trousers (5 Adv.)
Slight Hot Resistance
cold powder
Insulated Trousers (5 Adv.)
Slight Cold Resistance
stench powder
Smelly Pants (5 Adv.)
Slight Stench Resistance
spooky powder
Spookypants (5 Adv.)
Slight Spooky Resistance
sleaze powder
Sleaze-Resistant Trousers (5 Adv.)
Slight Sleaze Resistance
useless powder
- It's useless!


Nugget Effect (Duration) Result
twinkly nuggets
Twinkly Weapon (5 Adv.)
+3 Weapon Damage
hot nuggets
Flaming Weapon (5 Adv.)
+3 Hot Damage
cold nuggets
Frigid Weapon (5 Adv.)
+3 Cold Damage
stench nuggets
Stinky Weapon (5 Adv.)
+3 Stench Damage
spooky nuggets
Spooky Weapon (5 Adv.)
+3 Spooky Damage
sleaze nuggets
Sleazy Weapon (5 Adv.)
+3 Sleaze Damage


Wads take one spleen hit. Additionally, each wad gives Muscle, Mysticality, and Moxie substats and an effect that lasts ten adventures. The effects give a bonus varying from +10% to +30% to each stat (+60% total spread across all three) and +10 elemental damage. Twinkly wads only give +10% to all stats and +5 melee and spell damage.

Elemental wads can be transmuted to other elements by cooking them with a twinkly wad with the skill The Way of Sauce.

Wad type Substats gained Effect bonus
Beefiness Magicalness Chutzpah +% Muscle +% Mysticality +% Moxie Damage Defense
twinkly wad
8-10 8-10 8-10 +10% +10% +10% Melee and Spell Damage +5 -
hot wad
24-30 8-10 16-20 +30% +10% +20% +10 Hot Damage So-So Hot Resistance
cold wad
24-30 16-20 8-10 +30% +20% +10% +10 Cold Damage So-So Cold Resistance
stench wad
16-20 24-30 8-10 +20% +30% +10% +10 Stench Damage So-So Stench Resistance
spooky wad
8-10 24-30 16-20 +10% +30% +20% +10 Spooky Damage So-So Spooky Resistance
sleaze wad
12-15 12-15 24-30 +15% +15% +30% +10 Sleaze Damage So-So Sleaze Resistance
The skill Rainbow Gravitation can combine the elemental wads into a prismatic wad, which grants 5-7 adventures for 3 spleen damage.
prismatic wad
50-60 50-60 50-60 +30% +30% +30% +15 Hot Damage
+15 Cold Damage
+15 Stench Damage
+15 Spooky Damage
+15 Sleaze Damage
Serious Resistance to all Elements

There are two types of equipment which pulverize into more powerful wads:

Wad type Muscle substats Mysticality substats Moxie substats Adventure gain Spleen Notes
epic wad
140-160 140-160 140-160 5 1
ultimate wad
X X X 0 15
  • Obtained by pulverizing an ultra rare.
  • It gives the player enough stats to reach their next level and half that amount to each off-stat.

Elemental Jewels

Elemental jewels can be obtained by pulverizing equipment which would produce elemental wads, at 1% of the rate of wads. They are jewelrymaking components for really expensive jewelry. They were added with the advent of NS13.

Standard Rewards

Each Standard ascension outfit pulverizes into a unique item. In addition to being spleen consumables, these items can be used to purchase the previous year's standard rewards from The Armory and Leggery.

Year Normal ascension Hardcore ascension
Outfit Pulverize result Outfit Pulverize result
2015 Synthetic Suit Scpowder.gif
polyesterene powder
Ceramic Suit Scpowder.gif
porcelain powder
2016 Wicker Wear Wickerbits.gif
Bakelite Brigandine Bakebits.gif
bakelite bits
2017 Aeroutfit Aerobits.gif
aerosolized aerogel
Wrought Wrappings Wroughtbits.gif
wrought-iron flakes
2018 Gabardine Guise Gabbits.gif
gabardine smithereens
Fiberglass Finery Fiberbits.gif
fiberglass fibers
2019 Chalk Chostume Chalkchunks.gif
chalk chunks
Marble Materials Marblechunks.gif
marble molecules
2020 Paraffinalia Para bits.gif
paraffin pieces
Terra Cotta Tackle Tc bits.gif
terra cotta tidbits
2021 Velour Vestments Vel veneer.gif
velour veneer
Stained Glass Suit Sg bits.gif
stained glass shards
2022 Loofah Loungewear Loof bits.gif
loofah lumps
Flagstone Finery Fs bits.gif
flagstone flagments
2023 Chiffon Chiffinery Chifbits.gif
chiffon carbage
Ceramic Clothing Cerabits.gif
ceramic scree
2024 Moss Mufti Mossbits.gif
moss mulch
Adobe Armor Adobebits.gif
adobe assortment

Other Exceptions

Equipment from or crafted from materials from The Sea yield one sea salt crystal when pulverized.
Equipment smithed from depleted Grimacite (depleted Grimacite astrolabe, depleted Grimacite grappling hook, depleted Grimacite gravy boat, depleted Grimacite hammer, depleted Grimacite ninja mask, depleted Grimacite shinguards, depleted Grimacite weightlifting belt) yield one chunk of depleted Grimacite when pulverized.
Equipment made from sugar sheet yields one sugar shard when pulverized.
Equipment made from BRICKO bricks, or dropped from BRICKO monsters yield one BRICKO brick when pulverized.
Equipment made from peppermint sprouts or the giant candy cane yields one candycaine powder when pulverized.
Jewelry made from rainbow pearls yield one rainbow pearl when pulverized.
Jewelry made from meteorite fragments yield one meteorite fragment when pulverized.
The Pocket Square of Loathing when pulverized.
Equipment from Dreadsylvania monsters yield various elemental clusters when pulverized.
Equipment from Dreadsylvania bosses yields an epic cluster when pulverized.
Equipment smithed from a lump of Brituminous coal will yield a handful of Smithereens when pulverized.
Pulverizing a fleetwood chain.
Has a chance to be gained from normal pulverizing while the warbear jackhammer drill press is installed in your workshed.
Equipment from the Bauxite Baubles when pulverized.
The dice-themed rewards for One Crazy Random Summer give this when pulverized.
The parts from Dinsey's Exoskeleton give this when pulverized.
Equipment from the Gingerbread Best gives a small number of these when pulverized.
Equipment from FantasyRealm bosses yields one Rubee™ when pulverized.

How Much Do You Get?

How much you get from smashing an item depends on its power; the table below shows the relation between power and what smashing an item will yield. For equipment with no visible power, such as Accessories and Off-hand Items, the requirement can be used as a guide (but may not always be correct, as some items have their requirements decoupled from their power).

Each elemental wad has a 1% chance of being replaced by an elemental jewel instead.

Power Requirement Yield
10-35 0-2 1 powder
40-55 5-13 2 powders
60-75 15-23 3 powders
80-95 25-33 4 powders or 1 nugget
100-115 35-43 3 powders/1 nugget or 2 nuggets
120-135 45-53 3 nuggets
140-155 55-63 4 nuggets or 1 wad
160-175 65-73 3 nuggets/1 wad or 2 wads
180+ 75+ 3 wads

What Kind Do You Get?

Pulverizing items that deliver elemental damage may yield elemental powders/nuggets/wads of the same elemental type.

Pulverizing items that protect from elemental damage may yield elemental powders/nuggets/wads of the types that element is most vulnerable toward. Example: pulverizing a lihc face (spooky resistance) yields hot and stench powders. (See Elements)

Pulverizing items that are enchanted but which neither protect from nor deliver elemental damage produces only twinkly powders/nuggets/wads. The only exceptions to this rule are items which can be purchased directly from NPC stores or made entirely from purchasable components (such as the Gnollish autoplunger); these produce useless powder.

Items that yield more than one type of powder/nugget/wad will give each type with equal probability. (E.g. If an item gives exactly one nugget, but may give either a spooky, a hot, or a twinkly nugget, you have a 33% chance of each one.)

Pulverizing unenchanted items (including some starting equipment, NPC store items) yields only useless powder, which can be used for nothing.

Pulverizing an ultra rare will yield an ultimate wad in addition to the normal powder/nuggets/wads as above.

Pulverizing a boss reward from Hobopolis, or one of Mother Slime's clan-distributable drops will give an epic wad.

After NS-13, the four components of the Antique Arms And Armor outfit, which used to smash to wads, smash to useless powder.

Pulverizing yearly standard path items gives you a special material which can then be traded for yearly path items from the year before in the The Armory and Leggery. For example, you can pulverize an Aerogel item (2017 softcore standard path) to get aerosolized aerogel, which you can trade for wicker items (2016 softcore standard path) which can be pulverized to get wicker bits which can be traded for polyester items (2015 softcore standard path)


  • Jick explained on the radio show on 4 November 2013 that, in the game world, Turtle Tamer equipment made from living turtles is NOT smashed into powder as a whole: The turtle is only hit on the edge and will be totally fine. It just scoots off into a sewer, where it will join his brethren and you get a little bit of the powder that you knocked off of its shell. No turtles get harmed in the process!
  • Attempting to use this skill when you don't have it gives the message:
You don't know how to properly smash stuff.


  • Prior to the Seal Clubber skill revamp on September 24, 2013, this skill used to cost 30,000 Meat.
  • Prior to the spleen system nerf on January 1, 2018, elemental wads used to give one adventure when consumed.


  • This may be a reference to the Enchanting tradeskill in the MMORPG, World of Warcraft. This tradeskill gives the ability to disenchant items into various reagents that can then be used to create a plethora of power-ups.
  • The "you commence to smashin'" message received when pulverizing an item may be a reference to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode "Dumber Dolls", which features a dancing hillbilly action figure who frequently exclaims, "commence to jigglin'!"

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