Puzzle Champ

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Puzzle Champ

Puzzle Champ

Solving those puzzles made you feel like a real Smarty O'Brainiac, and the aura of confidence that generates extends to your companions as well. "How fortunate we are," they think, "to be travelling alongside someone who demonstrates such a mastery of puzzle-solving skills." They are exactly correct.

+X to Familiar Weight

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Effect number: 2093
Description ID: c359f03413fa5582269a860f664cc7fe
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Obtained From


  • X is 5 + floor(daily puzzles completed/10). Puzzle completion count carries across ascension. Also, it counts total puzzles completed, so a day where you complete one or more puzzles but not all 5 (not receiving the buff), still makes progress towards a bigger familiar weight buff. Assuming you complete all 5 puzzles every day, it starts at +5, and increases by 1 pound every other day.
  • A player will only see each daily puzzle until it is solved, so the cap on the familiar weight buff will depend on how many puzzles the devs end up creating. The buff currently caps at +20.
  • The two effect sources are mutually exclusive. When all 150 puzzles are solved, Puzzle Champ is not granted a second time when solving 5 more puzzles.

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