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For complete spoilers, follow the link to what you're looking for. Most quests open up according to your level. Your progress in most of the quests can be tracked in the Quest Log.

The Council of Loathing Quests

Note that newly-ascended characters can't complete the Toot Oriole's Quest again. They should still visit Mt. Noob for a special delivery.

All other Council quests (except the Strange Leaflet Quest) must be completed before the Naughty Sorceress Quest becomes available.

Guild Quests

These quests are given by the NPCs in your Guild Hall, and most only become available when your base mainstat is high enough.

Nemesis Quest:

Each stage of the Nemesis quest requires the completion of the previous stage. Similarly, the series of quests given by "Paco" (the quest-giver in the back of the guild) unlock in order.

Miscellaneous Quests

Regular Quests (given out by an NPC to all players)

Adventure Quests (found via adventuring in specific zone)

  • This was formerly the level 9 Council quest, until it was replaced on November 15, 2012 and became optional.

Moon Sign Specific

Gated Quests (found in zones accessed via Content Unlockers)

Other Accomplishments

Quests That Don't Appear in Your Quest Log

Retired Quests