Rad-Pro (1 oz.)

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Rad-Pro (1 oz.)
Rad-Pro (1 oz.)

This syringe is loaded with a chemical that prevents you from getting sick due to exposure to radiation. Don't tell the FDA, but it's liquefied lead.

Type: potion
Effect: Rad-Pro Tected (20 Adventures)You will not accumulate Radiation Sickness
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: 1 oz. syringes of Rad-Pro)
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Item number: 9107
Description ID: 266363503
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Obtained From

Your Fallout Shelter (level 2)
Fallout Shelter Medical Supply (500 Meat)

When Used

You inject yourself with liquid lead. Y'know, for your health.
Syringe.gifYou acquire an effect: Rad-Pro Tected
(duration: 20 Adventures)



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