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Radio GKOL

About the Station

Radio Games KoL (or just GKOL for short) was started by a committed group of people who felt like the /games chat channel should have its own Shoutcast radio station. Radio KoL (RKOL) was already a pretty established station as the "official un-official radio station" for KoL, but didn't provide the same sort of games that have come to be expected in the /games chat channel. Plus, many /gamers have their own /games community and wanted to hear people they knew from that channel broadcasting on air.

The station quickly adopted the motto "We exist to give YOU sh_t!" They now spin the tunes and do the giveaways like its going out of style!

The station was managed by Merric with the help of a wonderful team of DJs/Staff. The station was maintained by donations, and links to support them (with real life money) could be found here.

Radio GKOL is defunct, having last been active in late 2013.

How to Listen/Chat

GKOL ran two servers, a 24kbps and a 64kbps. The station, however, was not up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can check if the station is online typing "/msg chatbot radio gkol" or "/msg chatbot dj gkol" in KoL chat.

GKOL is a station created for the players who frequent /games, and the DJs can be found chatting there. There are also the official GKOL forums, available to DJs and listeners alike.

Radio GKOL no longer broadcasts, and the forums are offline.

Music of Radio GKOL

The schedule of shows could be found here.

A list of DJs, both past and present, is available here. Each DJ had their own system for accepting requests, described on their individual DJ pages.

Recently played music could be found here. The recently played page was maintained by Grinder, who is thanked to no end. It no longer works.

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