Radish Horse

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Radish Horse

Radish Horse

Type: Noncombat
MP Cost: 15

Jarlsberg didn't really like to walk, so when he had to travel long distances quickly, he would make a horse out of vegetables. The horse would be of a different color, depending on the color of the vegetables.

Converts a Cosmic Vegetable into a Companion That Increases Your Combat Initiative

Source: Jarlsberg's Gate
Price: N/A
Class: Avatar of Jarlsberg
Level: Path of Lunch 2
When Used:
You toss a cosmic vegetable into the air, and before it even hits the ground, the spirit of Successfax thunders into it. You leap atop him.

Combat Messages

Occasionally, at start of combat:

  • <Name> canters into battle, putting you at the perfect vantage point for the first strike.
  • <Name> leaps into the battle, with you on his back so you get the jump (of course, of course).
  • Moving swiftly atop your trusty steed Successfax, you get the jump on it.
  • You feed Successfax a carrot, then ride him into battle, winning initiative with his swiftness.
  • You feed Successfax some peanut butter so it looks like he's talking, then ride him into battle, getting the jump.
  • You leap onto your trusty steed Successfax and he leaps into battle, giving you the jump on it.
  • You say, "show me the meaning of haste, Successfax!" and he helps you get the jump on it.


  • The companion gives +50% Combat Initiative (or +75% with Working Lunch).
  • The name is a randomly chosen noun (perhaps from the Word Realms database?) followed by "fax".
    • A list of Radish Horse names can be found in this template. Please add all new Radish Horse names to it, not to this page.
  • The companion has the following image in the left pane:
the Radish Horse
+50% Initiative


  • Radishes make horses because of horseradish.
  • The phrase "horse of a different color" means an unrelated or only incidentally related matter with distinctly different significance.
  • The Radish Horse names ending with "-fax" and the quote "You say, "show me the meaning of haste, Successfax!" and he helps you get the jump on it." are references to Shadowfax, Gandalf's mount. Gandalf, mounting Shadowfax with the hobbit Pippin, says "show me the meaning of haste, Shadowfax!" as he rides to Minas Tirith.